021617: The Urban Tracker (In Manila) Smells like Old Glory in Rizal Open Air

Rizal Open Air Auditorium from a tantalizing distance
nce in Rizal Park, there's no escape throwing back into the memories of the amazing solar system shows in Planetarium during 80ish high school. 

Replacing the once planetarium, the well-placed entertainment venue Rizal Park Open Air Auditorium would, after all, serve those free expressionists and old-timers the pleasant hope for the rest of their living years.

Coming closer, the air is inviting
Luneta is still the Luneta that we knew with those usual photographers, ambulant vendors, and the park time wasters with their own pegs. It’s still the top of mind park in Metro Manila so to speak. With so many improvements, rearrangements that came by time, Luneta still holds to mind as a place for comfort and solace seekers, a hiding place and has come to cushion the emotions of many aspects of leisure and impoverished Pinoy life and of that matter welling within.

The Azalea Theatre poster in entrance 
Registration is just a sign away 
Take for example the benefit concert freely offered for the invited senior citizen by the group KaEntrep. The oldies were treated to a free taste of entertainment plus the theatre mood. The Rizal Open Park from a far distance is a sight to awe but taking a closer look reveals the sunken dome with solidified cascading seats for the audience. Every spectator has a good panoramic angle of any event happening like a mini-concert today by an upcoming school band named Azalea. Azalea is composed of teenage starters whose love of music and theatricals and showcasing them to regale the old-timers.

The magician performer captivating the seniors
Mam Aida the project proponent with the tracker
This is one of the pet projects of Ka Entrep Madam Aida one of its forebearers is eyeing to make this a regular event that will make senior citizens happy to find hope and entertainment in Luneta. Magicians and other artists took turns in making the area in music motion as students, passersby and even foreigner snooped and sat in to enjoy the music and commune with the crowd.

Souvenirs on sale in the spirit of open enterprise
The show goes it with guest performances
Free refreshments were served heartily for the participating elders while everyone went about with freebies. Thanks to the spirit of the organizers and the big heart of donors who made this project inspiring and something that’s worth doing again. This project is spearheaded by KaEntrep which happens to be a network of micro and small entrepreneurs organization in the Philippines.

The clustering crowd endeared with the moment of music
Leaving the arena gave everyone that gleaming hope that finally there will be more of older generations who will at least find Utopia in a place called Luneta not only for the youngsters but also for the restless hopefuls of pre-millennial generation.

The beauty lies in uniformity and parallel seat placements
Outside the venue, a choo-choo train awaits and makes a merry go round Luneta