062516 : The Urban Tracker (In Mandaluyong) Shattering MMA Myth in Don Bosco

Mixed Martial Arts -The Underground Battle

nlike boxing, MMA is a contact defense-offense sport not everybody would probably embrace due to its extreme violence in nature. 

Slowly gaining popularity, this once underground sport makes use of force and strokes highlighted by the pinning of arms to subdue an opponent.

Flashy motors flanked by attractive PR girls for a glaring entrance. 
To break the ice, the band rocks the house pumping up the crowd.

In subjective terms, this sport may draw flak to many with its violence more graphic and gross bloody but objectively,  this sport is a blend of technique, strength, stamina, endurance that give it more cliffhanging effect and heartrending action.

Fighters in a roll call showing off their fight call

It is not a question of physique that matters here, but more of a game of outwitting and outshining an opponent by applying the strokes that could impair or freeze the other one. The process can be complicated once the rivals get entangled into each other. Once on that part, the game gets more methodical and struggles set in. This is where vulnerability to injury or shock due to pain can get in a way.

MMA fighters as they get ready for the bout.

In the deep urban fortress in Kalentong within the Don Bosco premises, a school gym was transformed into an arena as we were hurrying to get into the venue in time. Laser lights bursting as the gathering of the crowd couldn’t hide their excitement. Then the motorcycles zoomed their way inside the venue as the rock band blasted the banging of tune putting the momentum of the night. Then the girls in tight skimpy suits sashayed in front. While the smashing moment seemed hard to contain, each of the contestants was introduced in between the belting out of rock performance by guest bands.

Referees take the center stage to signal for another round.

Spotlight switched to focus on the main caged arena where a host rumbled and introduced the founder Mr. Ferdie Munsayac. A burly guy who got the spunk and the vision to advance the sport to Pinoy mainstream. The ex-army singled out sportsmanship above all having an avid following but now a sport to reckon with the opening of a gym that caters to those who want to engage in this sport. Brandon Vera is a famous MMA Pinoy player figure that these players could be looking up to.

And actions ran high with the actual MMA fight.

With the roll call of the fighters earlier, it’s time for an actual sports action with the announcement of rivals and weight categories. Each of the contestants came into the arena with the coach. Then, the battle began as each of the players try to grapple each other and once they engaged in ground pinning, that’s where this sport really took its crack. Coaches from the other side try to shout out their next move. In the arena, the fighter is alone while his mentor could only uplift his spirit with the mere presence.

A mind is mightier than strength alone. That's the irony in MMA.
Fighters figure out how to methodically scuffle and overpower by force and tension.

As the coach declared the winner as who technically gained the points, the fight would have its relief of interruption courtesy of the score girls providing the calming effect to the crowd. With one bout after another, mixed martial arts is more of a comprehensive sport that could be exhaustive exploring techniques and ways to overpower an opponent. Strength is not an assertion of winning but just a tool. A scheming mind is a key. In short, the sport is not a question of mightier physique. The objective of the game is after all achieved mostly by a smarter party.

The score girl in skimpy suit struts around the wooing crowd.

Witnessing the fight that night was graphically a heart-pounding watch in the face of an unfolding physical tug with a heightened crowd and sustained frenzy, As we drove back, the energy had to subside after that encounter. Now It's rather clear why rock music, girls sports and a contact sport all mix together into one engaging entertainment.