061216 - The Urban Tracker (In Pasay):Independence Spells Dad

A PNR ride by the screened window
ndependence Day spelled a free holiday ride aboard PNR this morning. 

Outside... the gloom was quickening a call swept by the view of rising skyway frame along South Superhighway with an ongoing roll of construction.   Inside the train, it’s free moving, sweet symphony with less of the crowd and  I might not be the only one who pulsed  the sense of sweet freedom of  a national holiday,

With a towering skyway above Nichols Station
Unloading in the Nichols Station, the head–craning swirl of skyways turned up immediately. Infrastructures are welcome landmarks for the growing traffic solution. With the skypoint turning gray, giving me a hunch to advance, I scaled an obstacle of the slope towards the bridge breaching Taguig.

Trailing a girl in backpack via bridge that connects Taguig to Pasay
Landing on the bridge, a girl in backpack trailed me as the bus went past behind. Interconnecting motorists and passenger utilities were merging at this crossroad. They could be coming from the airport, service roads in Villamor, route chasers to C5, or going further south of Paranaque or Alabang. It’s apparent from the billboards I was crossing the fortress of Pasay, the City of Travels according to one signpost.

Events post in Resorts World just across the busy crossroads.
Like being sucked under the tunnel, once crossing the unmanned intersections leading to Villamor. If you are not used to passing this territory, heighten your alertness as an unaware pedestrian may get swiped by vehicles appearing from an unexpected direction. Then a jeepney awaited on the side bound to Nichols.

Going extreme with the sign leading to Newport and NAIA 3
Once I made a mistake of taking Nichols jeep I thought would bring me in Baclaran instead it wounded me lost inside the Nichols neighborhood proper. Nichols, then I realized just a part of the Villamor Air Base strip occupied mostly by soldiers who were awarded a housing project in the area. The rest of the area was given to commercial district as constructions were booming on the part of the Newport Avenue with sprouting condominiums, franchise hotels, casinos.

Resorts World Manila's banner board by the entrance point in Sales St.
Carpeted and classy once inside the Resorts World cozy proper.
Of course the biggest attraction there was Resorts World where aside from its usual recreations, it has started gaining attention as the venue for theater plays and special TV events like awards, talent reality. I got easily into its interiors from the parking area and emerging into the carpeted walkway with its signature classy elegance. Charging ahead, I was thinking more of the rains poised ahead of me.

The usual busy cross section of Newport in this calm Sunday.
Skies were deepening as I exited the Marriot side of the famed mall. The street of Newport was in Sunday calm with tamed winds. This crossroad was perhaps the signature spot of those who have past and came this way.

The bridge walkway connecting the 2 luxurious Marriot hotels.
As I made my oblique turn to the new Marriot Hotel, something of a whisper came to my mind, It was telling me about the free bus service shuttle roaming around the vicinity. I finally spotted the passenger pick-up and drop-off but it was too late. The rains were in its prelude drizzle as I needed to make it through the service walkway that connects the old and the new Marriot Hotel. I needed to be in Montecito Resorts Condo’s food strip in time.

Taking cover in the food strip just as rains descended.
I made it to my destination by the fountain of the food strip with people taking on their umbrella. It was a relief to get a seat and locked myself in the moment of another wait. It was supposed to be an ocular appointment for a prospective buyer for a condo but then my mind was spiriting somewhere else.

Meet my father figure.
It’s not about the unfolding but it was more about coming to terms with a figure who has been good and so supportive to me all this time. I wasn't sure of his temperament today but when he appeared, he simply dropped in the chair and started his rounds of updates, I was so used with his tendency but I kept reminding him some details he may have overlooked.

Father's Day pasta treat.
He treated me to a pasta lunch. It’s usual of him to share a meal with me. Whenever we’re sharing ideas in talks, it’s easy for him to express his feelings – his disappointments, sentiments, opinions. That for me is his freedom of expression and he only meant to care. But at all, I was more thankful that God gave me someone like him and took me like his own blood. At 73, I considered Mr. Arthur Belarmino an independent figure of that attribution. And in a week from then, it was supposed to be Father’s Day. And we met for some reason to celebrate it hoping for any other matter or forever would be going our way.

The Montecito Resorts back of Resort's World