061916 The Urban Tracker (In Pasay) Counting Blessings At The Counselor’s Cafe'

The Counselor’s Cafe' as seen in the eye of the passerby
nce sandwiched between Leveriza and Donada past the Adventist Hospital along San Juan St.one food outlet is humbly placed among the rows of a typical apartment with its eye-catching simplicity of a signage 

Post-It tags message board for free expression
Hanging through the window, an old clock
The bookshelves with a compendium of titles in the receiving area.
On that Sunday afternoon, we were seeking a hangout to pursue our hunger and escape humidity after the episodic rain, when we spotted the facade in an unfamiliar landscape with an open posting. Strutting inside the receiving area, we were set to a new dimension with an array of displays that spells comfort, style despite typical rental house format, space was maximized and decorated cleverly with the assortment of archetypal. If you are a timer go-betweener of that community, one may find this place homy and easily relatable as a hangout.

Inspirational words for a more relaxing dining experience
For student walk-ins coming from La Salle, commuters from Buendia to students and motorists passing by the neighborhood, The Counselor’s Cafe has already gained a reputation as one of the sought-after noted destination leaning towards organic nutrition in this area. The restaurant has crafted its own menu that appeals to health-conscious urbanite lifestyle market. No wonder that even in this unexpected corner, nearby residents from condos and unknowing pedestrians have started to peg this spot in their directory. Despite an odd placement, I guess it worked to its advantage that an apartment format can really cater to the growing number of healthy lifestyle aficionados.

Specialty healthy  coffee 
Green healthy pasta a match with bread
Banana Blueberry Pancake
As we waited for our orders of among bestsellers from their vegan menu, it’s easy for any customer to turn to kangaroo mode with the atmosphere. That Saturday morning, as a UP Los Banos student in her part-time duty happened to attend to our service, our thoughts were welling up fed by the assortment of books and note board with Post-it messages perhaps to stimulate customers. One note even read ‘Meat Is Murder”.

A burst of appetite for a selfie
Besides sensually engaging, the café also offers products like sugar, coffee, bread, deli, which are also healthy options as they are certified to be organic. Aside from this, the Adventist owner admitted that this restaurant is more than just a service-oriented venture but borne out of a call or a mission to reach out the masses to start embracing organic foods. In this instance, returning to nature with offering organic food could be its selling point that it"s no wonder the clientele and patronage of the place have grown tremendously owing to its inspiring and positive vibe.

It's official, I am one of the fan

No disappointments after all with our order of pancake, coffees and the green pasta. We even wondered how they come up with such signature and original recipes, truly intriguing but impressive while maintaining a low-key neighborhood theme. As they say, things must start from small, and it’s fascinating that this café is proving that  a neighbor or community resto is already a trend for much of a long time . While the café has been embraced due to its lifestyle conscious format eversince it began, the market has been consistently growing with more and more people leaning on healthy living.

Delightfully inspiring dining experience courtesy of The Counselor’s Cafe'
Leaving the place made it  more nostalgic as it transcended as a home more than just the experience of food and place with all those subliminal messages, inspiring graffitis. It’s after all the spirit behind cafe' that started 22 years ago  that is still alive helping its customers to be closer to God by becoming health conscious. A patronage to organic, respect for nature is our duty to God – that really makes sense for a very lucrative idea for none other than its enterprising owner Ms. Elma Cudiemat that has been truly a blessing to learn.

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