053116 The Urban Tracker (In Pasay) : Trendspotting in Sial Food Expo In World Trade

Visitor pass for Sial Expo 2016
ttending an expo event is a privilege to be ahead in the trends of the market fast-forward to the ideas that can be kickstart of any venture. 

The Sial Expo 2016 yet offered another glimpse of what to expect and anticipate in the exhibit featuring innovations in food products, Asian trends, and exchange of information and inquiries on the movement of the Asian market.

Open symposium for SIAL attendees
As expected for a food expo, Sial intended to bridge the gap between cultures but moreover, help facilitate the business exchange that could score a transaction and expansion of markets. Sial featured exhibitors from various parts of the world like Korea, Thailand, China, Italy, Singapore, Indonesia, France who have converged to bring their products in open and accessible to showcase for the formidable Asian markets.

Corniche stall arrangement
The Philippine exhibit was just part of the leg of its caravan that’s going to be circulated throughout Asia. The first day of Expo was the interesting stage to take a visit. Tagging along my sister, we arrived as guest bearing our invitation to World Trade entrance. Of course, we were itching for free sampling but was after all there in look out and explore concepts that my boss wanted me to research for our planned franchising.

New take on fruit juices
Palacio De Los Olivos Olive Oil looks more like a liquor bottle
Navarro's crab paste
A whole tuna in display
Chic candies in display
Peanut butter polvoron flavor
Durian chocolate by Chocoliz 
Flavorful marine deli
In that early part of the morning, surprising turn outs of local and foreign products came out with international appeal. Take for example the Navarro’s crab paste which has a potential use as an alternative sauce for pasta and it has terrific quality with its taste that I bet soon gonna be a favorite cuisine ingredient. The packaging of Chic from Korea is so tantalizing with kids but actually they are vitamin Candies. Singapore’s Bag of Chips has a nice texture for corn chips and creative booth. Palacio de los Olivos from Italy is promoting their olive oil which I mistaken as a wine. There are also chocolates made of Durian courtesy of Philippine’s Chocoliz. There’s also an on the spot cooking demo invitation for Japanese Wagyu and everyone agreed to its unique tastefulness.  And so forth.

Bag of Chips display ideas
Whether you are a cooking aficionado looking for a new ingredient, or a prospector looking for business ideas or an existing business looking for suppliers with viable products, Sial expo made sure this would translate into collaborations or potential partnerships. For more insight of the market, there’s forum and seminars in the adjacent area for business-minded participants who wants to get the know of the market behavior.

Cane Vinegar
It’s also notable that Halal recognizing establishments have also put up their line-up of products since Halal patronizing communities have a fair big share in the Asian market. There are also European-based businesses in their professional get-ups  ready for one-on-one consultation with targeting companies.

Packaging ideas for candies courtesy of Taiwan's Chic
So after doing the rounds with given free tastes and giveaways as always expected for an expo,  not only it brings into light that food brings camaraderie to nations but also it’s time that these innovations must be shared and reach the greater markets and territories. What can be unique in one country can be a solution for another. We also learned that in life it is about finding and being found. The same holds in true in Sial Expo, there maybe cultural differences but in the end nothing is coincidence, it’s all about destiny.

Crispy delis