012613 - The Urban Tracker (In Cavite): The Day of "I Do's" In Ciriaco Nazareno

Naic's Parish church of Ciriaco Nazareno for a vow venue
rriving by the church entrance of the Parish church of Ciriaco Nazareno in Naic with its rustic facade, it's the day that summarized the nuptials of two destined souls -  Ron & Cyres, a string of misfortunes was set to unravel.

 photo 860883_4526443318675_931472091_o.jpg
Angel statue for blessing of forever
Hanging below the diocese directory is a church address.
A mosaic panel adorns the parish walls.
By the time our first party assembled on the church door entrance, that's when  I was informed I was filling in the spot of the original sponsor who didn't make it. In short, I was to replace as a sponsor and had to walk as an escort for the principal sponsor as ordered by the floor coordinator. Looking inside the venue was a relieving sight of tainted windows, but looking back the other night was a  last minute desperate scramble to find a barong.

Arriving with flower power, the bridal car
My friend and coworker saved me by producing a barong to fit me in. I also needed to rise early to fetch my sister for her Fun Run at 4 am. From there, I had to walk the span of Rizal Park to catch a bus ride along Taft  Avenue hoping to catch the one passing Cavitex. But there's none that plying that point, instead,  I found a Dasma-bound bus and cut my ride at SM Bacoor and took the old minibus to get to Naic. It's already 6:30 AM, the old minibus suffered engine trouble just a few steps to the Naic main crossing then I started asking for help to pick me on the spot.

Flower pins and bouquet for the entourage.
The advance party of the makeup team.
When I got to the bride's house, the makeup artist was already doing finishing touch to the bride.  After my turn for a few retouch before changing my outfit, I hitched a ride in a vehicle for another mad scramble for us the first party to get into the church.

The bride Cyres led by her parents
 photo 856206_4526496199997_455510251_o.jpg
And the highlight ritual that's written on the stars.
That morning seemed to be conspiring as things fell on its place with sun ablaze outside while the wedding coordinator put us in pairing and blocking with its rhythm as our entourage assembled in tick of time. Then it's the turn of the groom and the rest of us settled to the order of ritual. And when it was my turn, I turned icy and awfully cold as I was paired with a senior while feeling weird wearing a barong. In recollection, I last wore one like 6 years ago but then it's a refresher to look respectable once in a while.

Blocking time for a photo souvenir.
It's a flash time when everybody assembled for a group picture after the fated ceremony. I really wanted to spend more time in reception which took us this time to San Roque in a garden venue but my mind was being distracted of a pending travel later that night.

The reception held in a garden for more of occasion's highlights.
A token for wedding participants
I switched into formal mint green polo and refreshed with few sprays but something went wrong with my shoes in the course of the occasion: the soles collapsed and broke off but thanks to a hair rubber band, it saved me from shame despite limping with my walk. The usual reception went on with a little awkwardness from comic stand up of the hosts. I hated to call this 'hit and run' affair but I had no choice but cut our stay before afternoon and took a ride back to Manila

On the way to the terminal, I realized I was carrying this wedding souvenir and noticed the two rings within it reminding me that day ended up in high note despite the series of unfortunate events.