102014: The Urban Tracker (In Mandaluyong) A Mwah with PMUAA at Mega Fashion Trade Hall

HUE 2014, stage set for the PMUAA's major major prelude to a take off
ort of incidental but more of privilege to be invited with a VIP entry for A PMUAA (Philippine Make Up Artist Association) HUE unveiling event in that afternoon at Mega Fashion Hall. Eventhough am not a total fan or a hardcore make-up user or with an eye for aesthete but the recent exploits of  Paulo Ballesteros' make-up antics made a remarkable impact capturing those of Beyonce, Katy Perry . But one interesting thing that’s clear as I attended this event, the make-up people has a bold statement, one with a colorful message. And that's translated to an exhibit today!

Photo walls banner sponsors and the group's logo
In so many ways, make-up is an activity or  service that’s generally tied up with aesthetics. In our country of beauty salons, make-up is a part of the fixture. Even more evident in weddings, the demand for make-up artist is high and an inevitable a part of  the landscape. Make-up is very valuable in movies, television, and fashion industry for simply they deal with visuals and make-up helps create character, mood for strong registry.

Open make-up demo conducted on the venue for a stylish on-the-go
A make-up artist is artist themselves as they practice a vocation that is now generally accepted not just professional exercise but more of a work of art. There were demos personally done on the spot by members of PMUAA. PMUAA happens to be an association of in-demand make-up artists who banded together to capitalize on professionalism to push make-up artistry as highly respected vocation.

Faye Young giving words of empowerment to the make-up league.
With Faye Young on the helm, a renowned make-up artist, she stressed the presence of their group would further empower other make-up artists to come out, be a trendsetter, and seriously consider this a vocation. So after delivering a keynote speech, she proceeded to unveil the works immortalized into portraits. Some few make-up artist gathered up on the exhibit of photography showcasing astounding make-up executions that strikes a difference. Indeed in vantage point, make-up is a tool of transformation and an art of illusion.

Mini velvet cupcakes are cute appetizers.
There's no denying on the breadth of the organization's diligence and struggle to make this event truly memorable. It’s something that spells a bright prospect for the perpetration of make-up industry in the Philippines. And yes the cocktails served were terrific and overflowing especially for that velvet cupcake. While we took a feast and examining each exhibited work, I was loss at words for that spellbinding and fantastic make-up effect that truly enriches a facial character.