062412 - The Urban Tracker (In Pampanga): The Malunggay Pandesal Franchise Invasion In San Agustin

The St. Augustine Parish standing proudly in pedestrian part of McArthur Highway
he St. Augustine Parish greeted us this morning from the highway expressing our thankfulness for transferring to a safer ground here in San Agustin. 

Our team decided to leave Maimpis after discovering one shocking incident that threatened our security.

 photo DSCN6839.jpg
Goofs for more pancit for only 5 
Thanks to Aiko, who warmly accepted us despite without notice. She reserved our group of 6 a room. Her place, 15 pesos trike ride from the main highway or a 10-minute lullaby walk. But that morning we opted to walk around in finding a breakfast stall, and it's quite unthinkable but there's a cheap one here selling a single serving of pancit at 5 and a fish sinangag with crunchy fried galunggong at 15 pesos in San Agustin near our boarding house. This was easily a hearty meal for us who have been missing the typicality of breakfast food for 20 below easily equalizing the Cornetto commercial. The meal helps flushed off last night's frightening ordeal.

 photo DSCN6838.jpg
Crunchy galunggong paired with sinangag at 15 pesos only.
There were 3 men slipping in the shadows of the living room in our former base and they were apparently friends of the house owner and were in some kind of 'session' as they entered the room. I saw one man peering out of shadows watching us in the middle of sleep. Their red eyes looking sharp and searching. I pretended to be sleeping but I was scared of my team that these men might commit something they dare not to do - either hurt us or take advantage. After finishing our meal and that story, it's time to wear out our aftershock and scout for that laundry center for our dirty clothes to save our piling up dirty laundries. As we crossed McArthur highway, we spotted one but something grabbed our attention first.

It’s the girls in the apron and yellow shirt and caps in an inviting gesture with the beat of the jingle played on an audio. The girls were performing a short synchronized routine of dance perhaps to attract the attention of passing motorists. They're promoting the newly opened bakery selling a healthy pandesal alternative - malunggay pandesal.

 photo DSCN6667.jpg
Girls in apron in a routine pandesal dance
The newer version is fortified with malunggay (moringa) to ride the tide of health-conscious wave or is this something related to DFA or DOH value food promotion. And also take note- it's 24 hours open. When I asked the attendant, the bakery was a franchise and a new outlet with branches already elsewhere in Pampanga. That's when I couldn't help but recall how others joined the bandwagon of coconut shake, pearl shake, potato barbecue, fried ice cream, and that fancy ice scramble. All of them came and conquered, now here comes an addition. The question is what’s the next franchise craze?

 photo DSCN6639.jpg
The Malunggay Pandesal beside ASAP Laundry shop.
But anyway, it’s the  ASAP Laundry Shop beside the bakery we were aiming after all. When we learned they were charging 30 pesos per kilo, that's reasonable enough to make us return home and get the fix of our dirty laundries piling up for days now.