062512 The Urban Tracker (In Pampanga): Saved by the Umbrella In The Lotus Village of Pandaras

View under the long sky Bridgeway of North Luzon Expressway part of Candaba swamps.
andaras happens to be a barangay sitting on the edge of Candaba swamps below long sky Bridgeway North superhighway.

Pandaras is still a part of San Fernando as the map indicated while Candaba belongs mostly to the town of Mexico

Aboard tricycle on a wind-blown drive to Pandaras
There’s a nice neighborhood after all here as locals welcomed us with our little queries in determining the boundaries. After a thrilling ride passing the highway bridges with our faces being slapped by the wind, we never anticipated that long ride overseeing the Candaba swamps.

Road construction with the tractor on a drag along.
When we saw the constructions going on as we caught this tractor fixing up a part of the road and flattening it up, we felt a little ominous for the thought of difficult passage and slippery roads. After all, we were exploring a community with a lower elevation and time is against us for a return trip.

Bunch of lotus stems being dried for a handicraft raw material
In one of the houses we visited, we found these bunches of lotus stems being dried up. When we asked, the lady told us it's the way how they passed up time here. These lotuses have been thriving wildly and copious in the swamps that people here have thought of something to make it useful and lucrative somehow. The San Fernando LGU had launched projects conducting livelihood seminars on the use of lotus by converting them to items like baskets, and other ingenue handicrafts. So the lady we talked with was part of the beneficiary of livelihood that is growing here to transform the lotus weaving to income-generating engagement. But we were yet to see the complete finished product because we needed to go back to the city in time. That's when we remembered, we were missing something.

Can't help but a look back in the neighborhood in Pandaras.
We left an umbrella on that tricycle. And just in time when we're about to call one, the tricycle driver we boarded earlier returned to find us raising that umbrella we thought lost. He told us he noticed the umbrella and chased us to return it. And for that gracious act, we asked the driver to take us back to San Fernando proper and again while aboard the long ride in the tricycle, our conversations were swamped with politics, some unheard of legends about San Fernando with winds again kissing our faces in the rush.