021815: The Urban Tracker (In Manila):Top 10 Unforgettable Movie Hits Of The 90s

elcome to the 90’s, to the decade we saw entertainment connived with music brought to us by the artist who tailored a tune and fueled the movie to the top of the box-office, the charts and our memory. 

Numerous films have become unprecedented in the 90’s but few of them landed on our memory bank with strong recall just because of a song associated with it. With these 10 notable movie songs of the 90’s, one's ought to realize that it only takes one great song to blow it up.

 10. Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing
Aerosmith, 1998

Not all rock songs have the right formula to deliver us to recall a movie and for some unknown reasons, this Aerosmith biggest hit came crashing down in our memory befitting ArmageddonSteve Tyler’s restless mouth maneuver finally paid off.

9.  Love Is All Around
 Wet Wet Wet 1994
4 Weddings & A Funeral

Wet Wet Wet gave this The Troggs original a new spin that struck the right chord in 1994 with Love Is All Around with celebratory refrain and heady lyrics the reason it’s still stuck in our heads harking us back to the wedding scene of the movie.

8.  Men In Black
Will Smith 1996 
Men In Black

1996 top-grosser Men In Black not only made Will Smith a Hollywood A-lister but also a chartbuster rapping the theme song for the monster detective sci-fi flick. Hacking that Forget Me Not sampling worked wonders for the song that made us think about the men in suit trouncing those ghoulish slimy elements.

7.  You Must Love Me
Madonna 1996 

Madonna’s finest career moments came with this epic musical movie that earned her a Golden Globe accolade and an Oscar nod for the theme song for Evita. Essaying Evita Peron in a musical came with a package of a soundtrack that became Madonna’s multi platform dream-come-true.

6. Beauty & The Beast
Peabo Bryson & Celine Dion 1992 
Beauty & The Beast

Disney’s animated flick Beauty and the Beast became a well-received project with a box office topper and an Oscar winning song that highlighted the classic fairy tale’s great scenes.

5. Can You Feel The Love Tonight
Elton John 1994 
The Lion King

Elton John penned this remarkable song for a big screen hit The Lion King that earned him an Oscar proving that a good composition has the power to catch and touch the hearts even for an animated movie starring jungle animals.

4. Unchained Melody
The Righteous Brothers 1990 

Many claimed they were chained watching that romantic highlight of Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in pot clay session when this song was played. Eventually, the song became synonymous for the movie Ghost even though the record was a lift from 1960’s that’s really worked a backgrounder for this 1990 top grossing hit.

3. I’ll Do It For You 
Bryan Adams 1991 
Robin Hood, Prince Of Thieves

A monster movie deserves a monster hit. Bryan Adams struck jackpot with a song that lives up to the expectation of a tale that turned into a movie, Robin Hood in 1991. This is a classic example that when a song stings our nostalgia and becomes overwhelmingly popular that it can influence a movie to its optimal appeal.

2. I Will Always Love You 
Whitney Houston 1992 
The Bodyguard

Whitney Houston's top pop appeal was put into another test when she starred opposite Kevin Costner in this project. And the result was phenomenal. She made a transition from a pop diva superstar to a box office material. Credit that to Dolly Parton’s original I Will Always Love You and her voice acrobat that truly put the exact spirit of the movie The Bodyguard.

1. My Heart Will Go On 
Celine Dion 1998 

The sweeping awesomeness and sensation rocked the world when Titanic hit the screen in late 90’s further fanned by a soundtrack hit that people seemed to develop a hangover of the movie that became history’s highest grossing film. Celine Dion’s splendid rendition turned us upside down conquering the world by storm and ultimately coming down as a soundtrack hit of the culture and history.