022215:The Urban Tracker (In Manila):Top 10 Unforgettable Movie Hits of the 80’s

Classic 80's soundtrack hits
hen 80’s films come to mind, one can’t help recalling those anthemic tunes wildly popular that took us into the movie’s particular highlight. 

For 80's fancier, here's the list of 80’s top 10 soundtrack hits that not only gave us a ride of nostalgia for the counterpart movie but helped influence in elevating the movie to its splendor over that period of time and for the lifetime.

10. Glory of LovePeter Cetera from Karate Kid 2, 1986

Peter Cetera launched his winning solo flight via Glory of Love, an equally fitting theme to the second installment to Karate Kid. Taking us not only the art of martial defense with a kid played by Ralph Macchio but also showcased why a vocal of ex Chicago Peter Cetera boosted it to the top of the charts and to the box office.

9. Take My Breath Away Berlin, from Top Gun 1986

The unheralded Berlin not only smashed the chart when this song took off in the airwaves but also reaped sensation in the air for the movie Top Gun that made debonair Tom Cruise cruising the stardom. About an army pilot in training with a love plot, the movie hit success with Take My Breath Away maneuvering that film into its ultimate blockbuster status.

8. Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) Phil Collins, from Against All Odds 1984

Few movies in the 80’s had a heartbreaking premise with so much of its effects felt even just listening to its soundtrack. Phil Collins' Against All Odds possessed the character that propelled this Jeff Bridges-starrer to its box office level and Phil Collins journey to solo stardom.

7. For Your Eyes OnlySheena Easton, from James Bond, For Your Eyes Only 1981

Sheena Easton a rising Irish diva slew it with that perfect tone that dramatically underscored emotion tailored fit for a Bond franchise of the same title. If there’s one of Bond movie song that comes best in a recall, it’s For Your Eyes Only a ballad that ultimately insinuates romance James Bond has an eye for.

6. Moment of Truth Survivor from Karate Kid 1, 1984

The first Karate Kid franchise is a movie about the inspiring transformation of a wannabe into a karate defense artist mentored by martial arts master Pat Morita. Survivor’s Moment of Truth was a redeeming movie theme reminding us that a bullied wannabe could fight back and relish the moment the martial way.

5. Eye of The Tiger Survivor from Rocky 3, 1983

Survivor was the closest choice commissioned to compose this song at the request of Sylvester Stallone for Rocky’s 3rd franchise heroic boxing ring flick. The intro melody nailed it with a familiarity that’s hard to deny that it was Rocky’s warm-up song. The single became one of the decade's top-selling record and reaped award for Survivor for Grammy's Best Performance by a Group. Survivor did another hit Rocky song franchise in 1986.

4. Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr. from Ghostbusters, 1984

In 1984, a movie about ghost hunting cops ruled the world and thus Ghostbusters didn’t only leave us joyful and cheering for those awful slimy ghost crooks being swallowed into that box but also humming the lines “Who you gonna call…Ghostbusters!!” And bet most 80’s babies knew busting made them feel good.

3. (I've Had) The Time of My Life Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes from Dirty Dancing, 1988

The elegance of that iconic dancing by Patrick Swayze was so tantalizing in this 1988 classic blockbuster but the most sensation it directly owed mostly to the upbeat effect of this movie song itself that one couldn't help get a fill of romantic and nostalgic recollections.

2.  Footloose - Kenny Loggins from Footloose, 1984

One of the unforgettable movies in 80’s that tackles dance is Footloose. The banner record by Kenny Loggins not only became his biggest hit but also became a household chorus. It could only be said that when a movie has a great song, it's infecting result could pull the stunt to blast the charts and box office appeal.

1.  What A Feeling - Irene Cara from Flashdance, 1983

From the shadows of Donna Summer, Irene Cara was creating a name for herself as another dance diva via ‘Fame’.  That iconic dancing audition by Jennifer Beals has remained sticky and captured the essence of the 80's. Credit that to Irene Cara’s another dance sensation What A Feeling making it the 80’s hands-down most unforgettable movie song.