021715: The Urban Tracker (In Manila):Top 10 Essential All Male Vocal Group Of Millenials

The unforgettable boy bands of millennial times
opularity of all-male vocal groups sparked in 60’s with the likes of The Temptations, The Monkees and off to 70’s with The Commodores, Kool and the Gang, Jackson V  and the Bee Gees to the modern day Jonas Brothers, One Direction. 

It’s amazing to note that boy bands can survive longevity given the fact that they are consigned to breakups and disbanding at a certain point. Below is the list of male vocal groups who emerged from 80’s up to present as they are ranked accordingly in the Philippine market.

10.  A1 

This British group deserves a spot as they breezed in the landscape by 2000 and at that time they already have a huge following in Europe, Asia with sold out concerts and growing fan base. This 4-man vocal group won the Brit Award Breakthrough Act of 2001 scooping hits like Ready Or Not, Like A Rose, One Last Song. Their once Asian mall tour caused a stampede in Indonesia causing loss of lives.

Most successful record: One Last Song, 2002
Status: Disbanded

9.  Colour Me Badd  

This five man band initially conquered the charts in early 90’s notably with songs like  All For Love, I Wanna Sex You Up. They won the Best R& B Soul Single and Song of The Year at 6th Annual Soul Train Music Awards. by 1992. Colour Me Badd’s  with R & B swag gave them an edge and a fresh take on multi-cultural members.

Most successful record: All For Love, 1992
Status: Disbanded

This Miami based 4-man hunk first came at the height of boy band supremacy in late 1997 via Invisible Man easily accessing the charts and fan base. With two more albums released on their tag, a hit collaboration with Celine Dion and Joe and notching up a Latin single were substantial credits to include them in the spot. Nick Lachey is a proud product of this group who starred in a reality show and scored hit recordings in mid-2000.

Most successful record: Invisible Man, 1997
Status: Inactive

7.  Westlife  

Irish Westlife’s surging popularity by 2000 was unstoppable as they invaded Europe and Asia with a compendium of hits but they never really penetrated the US market but among their milestone was a collaboration with Mariah Carey. Westlife succession of albums and hits reigned for more years even without Bryan by 2014 rounding up successful worldwide tours and by the time they disbanded by 2012, they already tucked with 50 million sales worldwide and 14 No. 1 UK Singles. They were reportedly paid £2.5 million by Sultan of Brunei, for a private concert of seven songs. Shane Filan later pursued a solo career.

Most successful record: Fool Again,  2000
Status: Disbanded

If there’s a wild card of a boy band, that would be N-Sync. They came on the heels of Backstreet Boys surge but they proved worthier that in 2000 they were recording a duet with Gloria Estefan and scored the fastest selling album No Strings Attached with 1 Million copies sold in a day and 2 no. 1# records from it. They ended the year with recognition from MTV, Billboard and People's Choice.  By 2002, Justin Timberlake emerged from the band’s shadow and embarked on a successful solo career winning a Grammy and scored numerous collaborations.

Most successful record: Bye Bye Bye, 2000
Status: Disbanded

In the middle of 80’s, these near-adolescent kids burst to the scene with Cool It Now comprising New Edition. From this group emerged the successful figures, Bobby Brown, Johnny Gill and Bel Biv Devoe scoring top Billboard records each. The group reunited in 1996 with an album that went platinum. Bobby Brown by then was married to late Whitney Houston and they reunited in following years.

Most successful record: Mr. Telephone Man, 1985
Status: Active

Balladeers Boyz II Men came best in terms of performance having the windfall of awards among boy bands with Grammy’s Record of the Year and R & B best group between 1992 – 1995. Their first hit record End of The Road was a memorable soundtrack hit topping the charts for 13 weeks with subsequent success of I'll Make Love To You, and One Sweet Day,Mariah Carey collaboration all spending more than 10 weeks at the top. In 1997 was their last known charted album on which its carrier 4 Seasons of Loneliness was the last of their string of hits. Shawn Stockman was the only member who attempted an erstwhile solo career in 1996.

Most successful record: End of The Road, 1992
Status: Active

3. Boyzone
 ( Keith Duffy, Stephen GatelyMikey GrahamRonan KeatingShane Lynch.)

Before Westlife, Boyzone was already a hit on the scene crafting hits one after another. Boyzone mostly popularized covers like Words, Father & Son, I Love The Way You Love Me and 35 million albums already sold apart from 9 Irish No. 1 Singles, 6 No. 1 UK Singles and 5 No. 1 UK Album. The Irish band made a collaboration with U2's Bono and a platform for the solo career of Ronan Keating. Stephen Gately met his unexpected demise in 1999, After more than 20 years, they reunited for a world tour.

Most successful record: Isn’t It A Wonder, 1997
Status: Active

AJ McLeanHowie D.Nick CarterKevin Richardson, Brian Littrell )

While New Edition released their reunion album in 1996, along came the Backstreet Boys who initially toured and captured attention in a promotional tour outside the US for the first album debut. By the time Everybody was released as the carrier single of their follow up album in 1997,  they literally brought back the boy band phenomena as other boybands followed suit. If Spice Girls started the girl power of the 90’s, BSB is America’s counterpart as the premier boyband superstardom by 1999 when Millenium became the year’s best-selling album.

Most successful record: Quit Playing Games, 1997

Status: Active

Mark Wahlberg the Hollywood actor was once an erstwhile member of New Kids on The Block. 1989 was their banner year as Hanging Tough became the year’s best selling album and 5 hits simultaneously in the charts and also kick-started the careers of Jordan Knight and Joey McIntyre by the end of 90’s  They sold over 80 million copies worldwide with an American Music Awards for Top Group of the year nod.

Most successful record: I'll Be Loving You,  1989
Status: Active