101214: The Urban Tracker (In Baguio): An Empty Shell At City Light Hotel

Citylight Hotel's lobby decked with artworks.
he artsy lobby of Citylight Hotel with those fascinating art displays was hypnotic flushing out my sleepiness.  

But then the order of the day put me in anticipation of a life building program in the auditorium downstairs.

With some photo credits to Satarah Wellness Marketing
Something's up in the ballroom reading the post.
Taking the elevator, a post led me that read Welcome Satarah Delegates  which took me two levels down before reaching the reception area. Earlier I sliced my way from Mabini into Session Road after checking out from a downtown Frankalt Hotel burdened by a backpack with its choking stuff and suit. Walloping the high street of Session Road in my backpack earlier triggered a little eager hoot and bang.

Registration is not a joke especially when there's a long queue. 
After given the instruction to man the reception, I started receiving the delegates who were pre-listed with their ID’s and kits for disposal. Tthe delegates ballooned to more than 60 in the last count as the session inside started for what's dubbed as Arrows Training Program.

Silenced by the power trainers in a grind.
The early part of the program tackled more on human spirituality and how to unlock its secret into a proper perspective approach in life. The delegates were enjoined in the hours of regenerating their inner power and in the first part, it seemed the energy could not be contained as the delegates started to undergo inner awakenings. Module upon module was applied that eventually took its effect on the participants.

The hypnotic swirling stairway
In contrast, my hours grew weary in the reception area fueled by uneasiness on the unfolding of events.  I was still nursing an awful wounded feeling after an incident the past day nagging me inside. I was beginning to see the bleeding symptoms and loopholes. Still, I sat outside and my mind spinning on the sight of the stairway swirling to my consciousness.

Sandwich break, Baguio style.
Past afternoon, I couldn’t help but confided to my fellow receptionist my inner thoughts and honest observations. The feelings returned to me like shadows revisiting like being mobbed, distracting in a replay. It's the feeling of being an outsider. That was what settled after being alone last night without a company. Trying to segregate my thoughts from emotions, still, a valid protest lurked inside me.

A pledge of renewal, anticipating a new outlook.
It’s lunchtime but I wasn't in my element in contrast with how the participants who were on fire. Anticipation was in the air for the rest of the sessions while my despair drew me to be phony. My supervisor told me I needed to take a spot to catch up so I can get my certificate later on. Without hesitation, I switched to being pro-active and activated with the insights from the facilitators. Arrows team carefully put a module in proper timing and coordination matched with visuals that really are effective head shakers.

Firming up the mind frame.
Reading the overview of the Arrows Program, it’s a coaching system designed to service corporate, organizational targets. Its main thrust is to get into the elements of the individual and make him realize his purpose, energize a bold outlook, and thereby making one realize their significance to unlock their full potential to be a leader. So in short, it’s meant to integrate a person to become more effective in a group, or organization.

Getting a certificate, that's it!
On the final hours after the receipt of my certificate, there's a conclusion looming. I was struck earlier about the lecture on the causes of resentment and resistance. When there's a broken agreement, unfulfilled expectations; then there's inevitable conflict.

Then suddenly I remembered an old guy approaching me earlier asking me about Satarrah's incredulous compensation program. I didn't know what to say since I was just part of the servicing party. Not sounding to be prophetic but stupidity, after all, confronted me face to face.