102714: The Urban Tracker (In Quezon City): Knives Out Baron Style In Lourdes

Appetite alert inside Red Baron
or someone who's on for a look-out for a catchy variation of sumptuous comfort food, there's one surprising eye-popper among the plush neighborhood of Bgy. Lourdes along Mayon. 

A quirky and quaint facade camouflaged by the entrance to a carwash, an inviting second-looker signage to the passing motorists.  A cool illusion to an urban food destination – Red Baron.

Spider preservatives spook the scene.
Big things, as they say, could come in a small package and even more surprising to note in Red Baron despite its maximized modest mini space has something more to offer that makes it an intriguing must-try.

Halloween bursting out.
A cricket came for a challenge.
After pondering from reference map locator, I set my foot in corner of D. Tuazon and Calamba. .A lady with Chinese features and a warmth come-ons greeted me so cheesily as I mingled with the panel. My eyes were already drooling on the resto’s arrangements especially the nagging decors nailing that Halloween chill format.

A nutcracker in waiting.
When talking with the part owner Mam Joyce Esteban, it’s revealing to learn that this resto used to be once a coffee shop. They decided to redress the format to accommodate and reach more market as they noted more customers were looking for heavy meals especially the waitlisters from the carwash beside it who need not go any farther to reach for one or motorists crisscrossing from either Binondo or Quezon City who were starting to notice it.  She narrated that it took them a comfortable time designing a menu with a distinct touch to keep up with standards while we got delighted snacking the jarred nuts.

Looks promising, see how it turns out!
From the menu itself, it’s apparent they banner a combo set format split into Burgerologies, Nibbles, Breakfast that sets one’s craving in gangnam while incorporating their standard coffee drinks and variations of refreshments that’s gonna burst your fondness.

Signature tacos a hit for its chewy texture.
Take for example the tacos for an appetizer which is distinct;y crisp and with a moist consistency that lingers on the palate making it yummier with the meat and the sauce. And it vanished in no time. Red Baron makes it a point that tacos are prepared that way for a twist and the trick results in a chewy texture that sticks on the palate.  And it's working somehow with a lot of back orders, Mam Joyce added.
Masons more mason drinks.
A fruity drink this time
Frappe cold drinks served in mason jars is a trendy idea. But I think it has its practical use since mason jars have handles that’s easy on the grip but then it's a hot drink I was craving for to soothe my bothering coarse throat.

Steaks just as appetizing when served
Then for the highlights, they unveiled the mouth-watering selection of their specialty-the steaks, and the sandwiches which are classic items are dressed up in such a way that begets one's cravings. Red Baron also gave the meals more appetizing approach with the wedged shaped rice and complementary side dishes or fries, for a surprise. And the result is a sumptuous experience like being served as a baron. Their set menus are no mistake true to its character but gloriously outstanding in taste. I may not be a true steak fancier but when I tried their steaks, I got a little wiser when it comes to consistency and combination. And their sandwiches, well I have nothing but hats off!

Big-serving sandwiches with fries chunks
Wedged rice on meat steak
Choice of pork and beans or mushroom for side dish
Fish fillet on wedged rice
A doughnut sandwich sprinkled with fries.
Egg omelet combo with twisted fries.
And about the name Red Baron? Why so? The owner explained that it’s based on a name of a plane in a Hanna Barbera cartoon or for another it’s a name of a racing car. But whichever its origin, Red Baron from now is better known as a vocabulary for hungry ones on the crossroads and a stopover for those who want knives out baron-style dining up high.

Prices range from 100-500. Red Baron is located at 143 D. Tuazon cor. Mayon Bgy Lourdes Quezon City. For orders you can contact 354-59-70 or like their page here Red Baron