102214: The Urban Tracker (In Mandaluyong) Party Pitch Over Pull And Bear Opener

Pull & Bear has arrived in the Philippines with a grandioso opening in Mega Fashion Hall.
rom the heels of panic buying as set off by a renowned International brand, now came another brouhaha of a store opening. This time it’s another global brand aimed to pull a trigger on one’s fashion sense - The Pull and Bear opening at SM Fashion Mega Hall.

Festive mood indeed as curious folks flock the Pull & Bear salvo opener
Models sashay their way to the crowd's delight while giving prizes and pull some fun.
Just as we arrived close to 6 pm, the hotspot on the second floor of Mega Fashion Mall were swelling with both unknowing shoppers and invited guests. From the corridor entrance, we just simply barged our way with the ushers instantly offering us generously mini burgers, tea drinks in mason jars and beguiling us instantly to party perk instead of a usual ceremony. Pull and Bear is a global brand from consortium of Inditex the same ward who brought Zara, Bershka  and offshore this is their debut venture in Philippine market.

Beguiled shoppers line up all eager to try the brand on its first franchise in the Philippines
From apparels to footwears, Pull & Bear has the fashionable and unique ensemble.
Display exhibits like this one carries a discount tag.
The ambient lighting adds to a cool shopping experience and new format.
Statuesque models flashed their fashionable comfort casual wears walking around in preppy mood among the aisle of the spacious and strategic store. And their items, all fashionably crafted with a touch of refined quality. So what it’s telling us is this brand has a lot more than just a mere party atmosphere that greets the shoppers…or an enticing effect. Pull and Bear sticks to its projection as anti-stereotype rooted brand.

Jodily the runner up of the last Asia's Top Model edition with fashion stalwart Robbie Carmona.
Bevy of selections and wonderful colors flood the Pull & Bear shelves.
The most noticeable model figure on that occasion was Jodily a runner up of Asia’s next Top Model who just came breezing into the crowd and later on joined by Robbie Carmona, a fashion figure on the photowall. Well looking around, the store arrangements were nothing short than impressive and I must agree to its cozy, toned to classic eclectic. And those who went to line up on the counter have some good news to share about the items they brought - affordable, modern, bold and rich in statement.

Delighted shoppers became instant fans line up to purchase an item or more.
Mini burgers are served to the surprise of the shoppers.
Finally we tamed our excitement with some cuervo drinks served and made us hang out on the store a little while with the queer feeling never mind the lights that were flashy and glaring but nevertheless Pull and Bear pulled a stunt with this kind of gimmick and spin. Something was telling that more innovation would be unfolding in Mega Fashion Hall.

The Pull and Bear photo wall