102414: The Urban Tracker (In Makati): Halloween Blitz With Bangers and Bewitchers At Hard Hat

Spiderwebbed stage is set for tonight's bewitching hours 
f there’s anything thrilling in the night of Storyahe’s first out-of-the-studio venture the night of October 24 at Hard Hat Restaurant in Makati, it was not only because it's Halloween-themed.

It was after all the fondness of the audience who were obviously zombified in between the squirms and gasps..or say blush.

The signage lights up for Hard Hat Resto Bar and Grill for tonight's grilling gig
Tonight's crew ganging up for the Halloween hullabalooo
Storyahe’s 4th edition was a Halloween presentation with the venue decked with spider webs and ushers transformed with their Halloween make-up pegs, but the participants were mostly thrilled on how the artists played their way and captured their hearts. Hosts Dessa and Donnie livened up the interactive show both online and onsite with banters that really set the rhythm with the audience.

Mhigz Haleco testing the sounds for the icebreaking performance.
Without further ado, the first performer on stage was Migz Haleco who was the 2nd featured artist of Storyahe sometime September. He’s back as an opener taking the audience into his charm and sound leaving some hearts holed up. When he crooned Eric Clapton’s Change the World, the audience was wrapped up in sentimentality and braced for more of performances. Endearing indeed!

Nef Medina in full shape for a rocking number on the mid-set.
Next up was Nef MedinaMhigz good friend who came up with a solid rock performance. He opened up with Nickelback’s Rockstar and pulled it up when he finally came with Goo Goo Doll’s Iris that gave the show its momentum.

Jireh Lim, tonight's centerfold belting out his novelty tune to the audience thrill.
The highlight of the evening was Jireh Lim who opened with a version of John Legend’s All of Me the moment when the audience started to get mesmerized and filling in the venue space. But when participants started hearing him playing his popular Makabilang Mundo, the audience started humming the lyrics in unison. validating the appeal of this popularity tune.  Hosts Donnie and Dessa further heated up the situation with a question and answer portion about Jireh Lim. And wildly, audience scrambled up to answer the questions like what’s Jireh Lim’s favorite color. The winners were awarded Liv Co goodies.

The Halloween spirit is on the loose boosted by the performances.
And for the final blast, Jireh Lim closed the show with a reverberating tune of Buko and the Halloween spirit curtained the rest of the night at Hard Hat venue. And everybody took their own shot with a live serenading of Jireh’s most sensational tune, something so unforgettable like a Halloween shocker that will sure linger.