100214 - The Urban Tracker (In Makati): Time For Kaye Cal’s Cool Change In Guadalupe Nuevo

She appeared reserved on stage. And as soon as she strummed the guitar, and filled the air with her voice, something has prevailed upon us and swept our feet upside down. Where in the natural world is that voice coming from? How come a girl can croon a tune as neat and ethereal that can carry us easily to the edge of our fantasy? Or is it just a result?

That’s how effective Kaye Cal belting out a contemporary tune and still sound of her own. She can drive a tune and take it with romantic touch, and a splendor that can really tickle one’s sentimentality. It's no wonder why girls dominate her fans during the podcast of Liv Co’s #Storyahe session last October 2  as a featured artist. Rarely an artist can elicit that response overtime and so infectious.

Some years back she was one of the grand finalist of Pilipinas Got Talent Season 1. She was part of the band Ezra which hailed from Davao. Despite landing among runner-ups, Kris Aquino standing as one juror once pointed out at her as a personal favorite. That was Kaye Cal before her stint with the band that earned 24th Awit Awards Best Performance By A New Group , now she has gone on her  bid for a solo venture. And it’s about time.

Many would align her to the likes of Charice Pempengco or Aiza Seguerra (she did a front-act for Aiza concert in fact); but for sure she is an act a class and distinct of her own. That episode she aced John Legend's "All of Me" as a perfect icebreaker. Soon, the chatroom became congested with song request and fan greetings from as far as Slovakia, Israel, Australia, Korea and how they fascinated them can only be said as purely organic.

Her road manager tipped us that it takes Kaye Cal some kind of motivation to get her to her element and surface from being shy. But this evening she became bubbly interacting with the hosts Dessa and Donnue talking about the things that make her giggle like her fancy over John Pratts. And she’s also have favorites like a perfume scent from her self-made collection and  disclosed a little of her innermost thoughts. But the night really peaked when she rendered her version of Rude by Magic!

So it was a revelation of sorts for Kaye Cal with in-between performance and fans couldn’t help a shout-out that verges from titillating sensation to a fan disillusionment  by the time she performed her signature song. But this girl who sports a hair like Justin Bieber just wants to share what’s inside her wishful sentiments and interprets it in every performance. By standards, she takes coolness by another level and it emanates effortlessly.

Check out Kaye Cal’s #Storyahe Performance here: http://bit.ly/1pfdjqL
Her YouTube link: www.youtube.com/kayejadecal