020114: The Urban Tracker (In Bataan): A Weekender Check In Anvaya

Welcome to Anvaya Beach and Nature Club
fter confirming our intent, the guard on duty lifted the barrier - a sure entry to Anvaya Cove I learned that only can be accessed by exclusive members. Ayala developed this area sometime ago, turning the rolling part into villas, golf course and culminating down to a beach resort that is well-themed with pocketed gardens, Asian inspired cabana, recreational to-dos, white-sanded beachfront, customized cuisines over relaxing spaces and designs.

Lush gardens and landscapes are entrance fixations.
Heaving a sigh as we cascaded down the mountain pass, Subic disappeared behind us replaced by age old trees darting from every side. It’s already part of Morong Bataan when we emerged from up mountains after series of checkpoints and felt a downhill drive that suddenly halted to an entrance into a sprawling cove.

Lanai by the beach
A water container on the pebbled surface.
Bali or at least comparable to that, that's the first impression reaching Anvaya Beach & Nature Club. It blended well where this cove is situated - a cove is an inlet and you can say nature’s mysticism is retained when you try to maintain and touch nature's beauty with responsibility. I guess Ayala did an excellent job turning the place - a man made resort - with an eye for ecological balance. That explains  the strict compliance and self-regulation that are in display as developers prioritize this matter.

A recreational officer ready for a pose.
Aileen, the event and recreational officer led us all over the place and gave us overview of the resort. Aileen is part of about 900 work force to keep the wheel turning for the resort not including the golf employees. Anvaya mostly hires locals from Bataan and Subic and some as far as Manila and Baguio who can choose for a stay-in as their accommodations a part of employee’s package.

Obstacle facility for thrill seekers.
A wall barrier for that big splash.
Aileen was recalling the worst scenario that hit the resort last year. A typhoon came down to the bay one morning and during the deluge, a big wave came hurtling to the shore, tossing the trees, huts and destroying most facilities like the pool, the fish koi. The beachboard was swallowed into the sea. Despite the havoc, no one was hurt and took half month for the paralyzed resort to get back to its feet. The reason why the resort had a makeover repositioning the trees and even some key structures.

Beach breadth
Nevertheless, it’s a beach experience Anvaya capitalizes like no other as  employees like Aileen were all trying to deliver the best for the guests. I guess it’s in the core values of their training that makes staying in Anvaya Cove extra special - the reason guests keep coming, recommending it. Service is really a plus factor. A member deserves to experience one and the best with 750k membership club fee, I heard to be part of the club.

Mountain contour view from the beach.
But something changed in the breeze of the wind today. It shifted to hot and the winds were blowing from different directions. I was disappointed last night i wasn’t able to wear my jacket expecting a cold chills but it didn’t came despite of the aircon. So is this a signal of the early summer?  Well just something of a question to tease a brain but instead, it’s time to check something noteworthy about Anvaya Cove.

Circled path on the lawn.
Trimmed landscapes by the playground.
A wooden boardwalk pathway.
Aside from the well-trimmed bushes and carved shrubs, the entrance was dramatic with its wellness Asian-influenced from its roof, structure and fountain. It’s like being pulled to a portal where time hangs especially when you try the boardwalk  with placid scenery and hanging flowers on backdrop.

Stairway to function hall.
The poolside view.
There’s also kiddies area with a pool, play corner and a playground that looks dainty with its wonderland format. Nearby , the free-for-all the public pool where testing its waters or swimming was what it’s all about for most. But most who were hanging out were communing and trying to digest the place or disconnect from something either sipping an iced drink by the restaurant, tapping something on gadgets while slumped on the beach seats, or simply having recreations in the playground or some beach action freesbeeing - or yet some water actions like banana boat, kayaking. I noticed the sand was fine and free from rocks, 

Digesting the view from the pool.
Aileen confessed it was a layered one coming all the way from Palawan. That afternoon the sun came at the peak that the sand was dusting the blowing winds. The C shaped beachfront is simply alluring that reminds me of Phuket or Bali but what’s more worthy is the perspective of Subic’s busy harbour with ships passing in opposite directions with a natural sunset backgrounder.

Recreations all ready for happy hopefuls.
It’s indeed a privilege being here in the cove as it was indeed what high-end meant. But the privacy and security of the place is one reason why this seclusion clicked for many members as a good idea for a getaway. With more recreations like zipline or nightlife bands or triathlon; this place will never get vanished in the memories. After all it’s already a community and a home away from home.

Free pick up and a ride with roving wagon.
On our way out the exit point as the guards raised the barrier, I noticed the presence of a lot of trees that are cashew trees all thickening with ripe fruit and ready for harvest. I joked around the guard to break the ice if the cashews were like bulalos that can be supsop or sucked up. The guards broke into laughter remembering that piece of shallow news and a happy face lifted with salute bidding us thanks and goodbye the Anvaya way..

Majectic placid view of the lagoon.