021414 The Urban Tracker (On Tips for Homestays And Inner City Combing): Wanderer's Plus Guide For Pinoy Trip

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For strangers in town who prefers a homestay and who wants to get on the less traveled road, there's a way to tame that ‘gatecrashing’ tendency. No matter how thrilling the idea of being in dispatch to another territory, it pays to check out some helpful reminders to adapt in a new world.

Innercity Combing

For a new kid straying in Philippine towns, a Google map could provide an overview of the province but  paying a visit to Municipal Office is much wiser option. Talking to a city engineer or tourism officer about key spots, festivals, could help you get the whole picture of the territory and may even provide a helpful tip, or even offer an updated brochure for better understanding of where and which to go to help you decide. 

Always ask permission in Bgy. Hall in exploring far-flung barangays to avoid being tagged as trespassers. Some provincial areas implement strict monitoring compliance on new faces turning up walking around the neighbourhood due to previous experience, It;s also a gesture of courtesy to ask permission from local officers to avoid suspecting residents casting doubt on your motives.

Bring always an ID. In almost any case, someone would ask for the validation of your identity either a barangay official or someone whom you just met on the road. Bring extra batteries for cellphones in case of emergency. 

In some remote areas, there are cases where it's hard to get a ride back. You’re unlucky if your network has no signal on the area or your battery has drained out. You can always ask a favor from locals to charge for access to communication. Or offer a little payment.

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Homestays - Guide in Philippines

If you’re in a budget and going out of town and staying in an unfamiliar cities in Philippines for a short period of time, an alternative and more affordable way of accommodation is finding homestays. Staying in a hotel is the usual way, but let’s leave that to leisure-seekers. For a stranger in town who’s after culture immersion, homestays gives you an option to explore the place by meeting and mingling among locals, examining the neighbourhood, hunting for local delights.

 In homestays, it’s a nice gesture to give your host a souvenir - something for them to remember you for a long time. Be extra careful and practice restraint with your host if unfavourable situations arise. There are times you complain of water supply, or unsanitary conditions. 

If you’re afraid of cockroach or an OC, then forget homestays. 

It’s a plus when your host allows you to cook your own food. This offer saves you more often but always it lets you explore cooking using local ingredients. 

 By making advance payment  as much as possible when situations are already favourable. That way, your host would go out their way attending to you or in the event threw a party for you.

Don't hesitate to ask your hosts for directions.  It’s an honor for them to be asked and guide you for directions since you are under their ward.

But above all, there’s no substitute to always carry your cool self and just enjoy the passing of moment. After all, you are  in a position to explore, adjust and adapt.  Being in another place test one’s limits and overcoming them means you did not waste coming kilometres or miles away just to go back unenlightened .

More than anything, in a trip happiness is in a making. The rest are welcome surprise.

Remember it’s the place and the people that comprises the memories. The outcome is more on how far you came enjoying it rather than how it turned out.