121613 - The Urban Tracker (On Beauty Title Harvest) - Stellar Year

Photo by Missosology
With Bea Rose Santiago declared Ms. International, it further certifies  Philippines as powerhouse in international beauty tilts. Like boxing, billiards, basketball now beauty sport; our scorecards have improved standing and our rank skyrocketing on analytics.

Ms. Araneta must be on ecstacy after she scores two from her ward (Ms. Supranational & Ms. International) and the other one from Cory Quirino’s courtyard this year  (Ms. World). Their wizardry of beauty has come to please the Gods. Its now comfortable to note that their curation acquired on years of conceptual experience and inspiration takes its wings.

But moreso, beauty has been generating a campaign online courtesy of Missosology. Thanks to the citizen behind the Missosology blog in which its unmistakable penchant and mastery of beauty vocabulary created a stir of influence propelled by gay insinuations. It united and ignited the Pinoy general interest on the obsession called beauty. For the beauty organizers, it's a call to respond to create a Pinay beauty and a foresight to find the formula and produce potential winners. And of course, in collaboration with the tough, keen, skeptic eyes of the trainers, motivators, stylists - the beholding experts.

Reading the article by Gem Cruz on choosing her path to pageantry, gone are the days when when beauty title is just a raw determination and a stroke of luck. But today, beauty pageant is indeed more competitive, thus a serious business, with army of backers to syndicate a creation of beauty queen.

Photo by Pinay Powerhouse of Beauty
With facebook pages like Pinay Powerhouse of Beauty, evolution of beauty has now reached crowdsourcing on other hand. Citizen journalism have powered us more about information just as gay beauty contest grind in some circuits of fiestas in any points of the country emulating elements of beauty pageant from Q&A, the long gown, the swimsuit. How can you escape the beauty infection has long been in circulation in the Philippines ?  We now took over India after they made 90’s their banner year for beauty. (2 Miss U ) (3 Miss World). With Megan Young winning Miss World, our dream of big 4 royalty sweep of title came true in the year full of tragedy and controversy.