060213 - The Urban Tracker (In Cavite) - Aeriad Expressionists of The Greengate Homes

Uniformity - a familiar housing development set-up in Cavite.
n most, if not some parts of urbanized Cavite, uniformity and duplicity is a common fixture on housing arrangement. 

In Greengate Homes, a flourishing subdivision part of Malagasang Imus Cavite for instance, attached houses are painted and roofed block to block. Coming here was catching up time visiting an old 'druid' friend and the agenda was better served with some old company.

Retro style in one housing facade.
Those yellow painted peculiar wooden designs of this house extension in front of us made me feel retro. The neighborhood here came up fashioning out and accenting their yard, especially in attached housing format. House owners resorted to extensions to maximize space. 

A bark greeting from a pet puppy
My old fellow friend moved here barely a year ago after he decided to settle down with his partner. A family friend helped them secured a slot in this now saturated subdivision. Along with her wife and son, he moved in with this cute a giggly jiggy little dog who's now barking at me in the backyard. The next thing he behaved and hushed down after seeing us in our pleasantries. Barks could be a way of dog acknowledgment.

All set up for a workshop.
The tables were now set for the workshop with the coloring set and brushes ready. My friend's son was having a painting workshop today with another guest kid neighbor. Art appreciation is the way he wanted his kids to divert attention rather than gadgets and online gaming. 

Kids in art session.
Kids in art immersion.
The kids were absorbed for a while we were having our morning coffee warm up along with memory play.  After a time, they were sent out to the neighborhood for an outdoor play. After our early lunch, that's the time for the real engagement verbally with some ale - or beer in modern times.

Wrapping up a send-off gift.
I caught the druid artist off-guard hiding a red face. His thoughts had gone gothic after hours of being timezoned on Shannara novels - recalling that Tannequil, an old fairy tree the home of so-called aeriads. Aeriads are little fairy spirits with a childlike mind. They are small faery tree guardians spending their whole life to sing, dance and play to serve the tree. Speaking of the aeriads, am old fairy bug caught us up without knowing we consumed hours in wonderment of that story.

The unpolished waterfall
Indeed, the aeriads could have inspired him brilliant thoughts as apparently revealed in the collection of paintings I thought he left unfinished. He put them up from hiding and showed me the gallery of his artworks. Well if there's passion, things fall easily into place. This waterfall rendition used to be half-baked when I saw it 3 years ago, then this time it had come to its final touch. He finally regained that element and grasp.

Ricefields by perspective.
The details were impeccable and the scenery was magnificent in this painting. I knew he started this exactly 3 years ago. And discretely. he found his way to retouch it until its completion and polishing. The rice fields looked surreal but haunting. That's something achieved under a certain kind of inspiration.

An ode to love, unfinished portrait of his wife.
This painting of his wife was appealing enough though yet still raw. Clearly, he was not after just completing a work but more on details to come up with an art disregarding commercialism. He already made a sketch of me some years back which I put on the banner of this blog.

Still-life fruits
This one was obviously a fine still life. Look at the grapes, looking so appetizing like coming alive with its layer of colors. It's after all the haunting magic of painting. It surely wouldn't come close to pictures but the interpretation was gravitating to its spirit.

Veggies expressionism.
This ampalaya (amargoso) and eggplant looked so captivating on reflections - a kind of art I never expected from a self-made but low-profile artist. His tendency was being expressionist in his intention more than being a surrealist. When one has the right passion, it naturally has its way of working out effortlessly on execution.

Orchard of the netherworld.
Before I left that afternoon, the skies became shadowy. My friend started to wrap this painting which was the most beautiful orchard I could only imagine. Look at the violet hues that turned it to more an imaginary place with its intricate strokes. It's such a priceless gift coming after all from the true aeriad expressionist - an old guiding spirit that came to live and took roots in Cavite.