052613 The Urban Tracker (In Pangasinan): Handy Kiteworks At SM Rosales

Arriving in shape for SM Rosales yearly kite activity.
ith summer turning high, gigantic butterflies, dragonflies, and bugs already adorned the ceiling when our party arrived this morning inside SM Rosales. 

In a closer look, they were in fact kites or saranggola mounted to give the shoppers a little delight of a mall experience. On that particular occasion, some eager mallgoers were going to fly high and somehow would be recovering their childlike fancy. And strangers like us came to aid them to relive this fantasy.

A celestial dragon woos the participants at SM Rosales event center
Every year, SM Rosales has been adapting this for a program offering  - The Summer Kite Making and Competition for its valued customers. The management has realized the value of preserving this tradition and has considered to include in its advocacy this cultural recreation which is on its verge of extinction must be passed on. Both kitemaking and kiteflying are wonderful activities SM banners as it both promotes family bonding and cultural value. A celestial dragon was on display in event activity center, a head turner for the shoppers as it waited for a call to order.

The registration table is getting ready for the flock of participants.
The registration started as soon as the mall opened. The shoppers and their kids were randomly invited and easily gave in since it's for free. What really attracted them to this activity was the opportunity for families to have a bonding time instead of the usual mall promenade. It's also a chance however for the adults to relearn what they have unlearned which is the art of kite making. There's an impromptu workshop awaiting them with a free kit containing all the materials to make a kite and a stand-by assistant to keep watch and assist them for help.

The kids trooping in groups spending their moments and energy coloring their pre-printed kite designs.
The kids as expected really turned up the most with the company of their parent or elder company who just like them eagerly joined them and enjoyed kitemaking in the process. The elders I noticed seemed to be more serious and absorbed and in helpful mode while the kids were filling up the figures with colors. Something about the kite gives adults childhood reveries or is it the childlike thinking. Whatever it is, there's something unleashed within with just the kitemaking alone.

Some finished examples of colored designs being laid down and dried.
A simple kite is made up of 2 sticks for a frame, a stable paper quality, thread to attach to the kite, paste, ribbons, and colors. When the coloring is done, its time to attach the paper to the frame horizontally and vertically by pasting it forming a rhombus or parisukat. Once dried, the thread is attached forming a shape of the triangle before the ribbons are applied on both sides to attain balance. Then the kites are finished and ready to be paraded and be flown outside by the wind gusts.

Participants proudly wield their works and show it off on stage.
Kids proudly filled the stage displaying their work for the selection process. A winner was selected for the most beautiful, creative kite. After the parade, The kids were led outside in the parking area where they could freely have the best time to fly their kites. Parents were also encouraged to assist their kids or do it themselves to maximize their bonding time.

At the back of SM Rosales, a perfect venue to fly the kites including the big ones.
The back of SM Rosales was the perfect venue for the outdoor kiteflying where the winds have its momentum. There's a competition looming with all of the entries readying their kites on standby for a roll call. Participating entries were divided into kids and adults.

Kid can't wait to see their kites to fly while parents are on the watch and aid them for the lift.
Kids who were at the workshop earlier together with elder or parent showed up on the ground to test their kites. It's interesting to witness a raw joy seeing their bonding and they let it loose despite struggle flying the kite in the air.

This humongous squid kite is declared the winner for adult category on the award
This swan kite comes close to 2nd which appears elegant on the air
The Kite Festival of 2013 ends on the high note with a dragon stunner.
What's really more endearing in the aftermath of the kite festival was seeing the happy faces of the happy participants. Excitement mirrored on both kids and adult as they mutually rediscovered the joys of kitemaking and kiteflying. Recovering saranggola as a Pinoy cultural activity is like reviving our lost values and our identity.