020213 - The Urban Tracker (In La Union): A Wrong Turn To Outback Bungro

The elevated out back Bungro as captured in a hurry.
hat homeward bound afternoon aboard a jeep plying Pagdalagan, a driver made a switch of the route taking me to utmost hills revealing the late noon glory of the outback on the foot of rolling hills ranging up to Benguet part of Bgy. Bungro. 

If time permits aplenty, I would have gotten close to these outback farms and gazed on its foliage but it's just a slip past and the jeep must head back to my home base Pagdalagan.

 photo 887237_4551948236282_1444759193_o_zps512f07c1.jpg
Our gracious host pondering some household matters with her son.
I found our gracious host Tita Atoy who was peeling something while in conversation with her only son BJ in the outdoor makeshift kitchen. Tita Atoy, a Bicolana chose to settle in La Union for good with her husband who's destined for assignment. That explains her Bicol touch in cooking but we observed her kitchen was well organized. She runs the household alone without a maid with two dogs to look after and the garden to maintain. She also recycling practitioner by segregating plastic bottles and also a conscious organic gardener with a lot of compost on her pots.

 photo 887007_4551944956200_900436957_o_zps5ba2ac2a.jpg
The polished walls create a cabin feel of our host house.
So I proceeded to the living room area to catch a detailed glimpse of the interior of the house. I found a nice painting that shows impressive taste. The sala with interesting wooden planks are polished and attached to each other giving off a cabin living impression.

 photo 858212_4551839513564_186166461_o_zpsb9c74cb0.jpg
Pets are healthy household addictions.
My team volunteered to cook for today instead of Tita Atoy who left to attend a function. So we asked her to proceed with her matters as we took charge of kitchen chores. While she's away, that's the time I looked out for the pets in the garden. She has two apples of the eye. One is Gelay a black shitzu that is a gift from her after the death of her Dalmatian. And an aspin named Creamy, her protector, and a watchdog.

 photo 885403_4551806632742_1437266970_o_zps0c92b6b2.jpg
A macopa waiting to be plucked out from its branches.
 photo 885500_4551808192781_2094028139_o_zpse100c1f3.jpg
Peering out the neighbor with the garden landscape ...wi-fi signal pls!
While looking around the gardens blazing with ornamentals and a macopa tree that seemed not to run out of fruit, I did have an amusing moment with the dogs showing me their antics as I called their names. In only a few days, the dogs adjusted to me especially the aspin. They liked my attention and be rewarded with the bread over my coffee. Dogs have special ways to touch our affections and release our nourishing nature. The smell of dinner - the ginataang kamansi - was irresistible but needed to take advantage first of free wi-fi from the neighbor.

 photo 860968_4551839193556_486451340_o_zpsa92acf97.jpg
A modest home has a kind-hearted inhabitant.