020513 - The Urban Tracker (In La Union) : Home Run Hunts in SFDO Marketsite

A shopper syndrome starts with a confusing hunt in SFDO Public Market
aggling has its rewards and winning moments in our confusing hunt in San Fernando Dry Market. 

It's a part of the order to bring us closer to the target commodities for their possession as we, the end users, became the bargain hunters.

Tents are starting to unveil for the SFDO dry market 
With SFDO dry market in full swing, consumerism was in all smiles as we trooped down the market area to catch the bloom. Home items, apparels, accessories sprawled from the side, back and front contributed to the setup. Unless you have the budget, then don't stop til you get enough.

 photo 856374_4530168531803_1443452287_o.jpg
A tent surrounding the market holds too many interesting commodities as far as shoppers eye can see.
These bazaars were part of the gimmick to attract both local and incoming shoppers for the approaching fiesta. The tents mounted mushrooming around the market perimeters provided a blue cape for the wild hunt of bargain scooters, wholesale hunters. The hours of engagement ended me getting a hooded shirt for 100 and some overruns. But our prized native food goodies were yet to be found.

All-time regulars for merienda are appetizing market displays
The answer was in the San Fernando Public Market. The wet public market was even more like a giant maze with all assortment of vegetables, home products. The foodie in me couldn't help but notice the strange looking balls beside the familiar banana que and maruya. It's actually a banana wrap in flour and fried after giving it a try.

 photo 887282_4551906755245_1280920190_o_zps173c6e0e.jpg
Bottled bagoong comes in assortment  in SFDO deli section
 photo 859855_4551907555265_404934819_o1_zpsaefbca5f.jpg
Pale colored bagoong is openly peddled by cups
Bundle of newly harvested white onions stacks up in one corner.
 photo 882672_4551907675268_1399493358_o_zpse3cb30fb.jpg
It's quite brain-melting to select a dried deli with this kind of assortment.
Dried deli appeared in so much variety and oozing with assortment here. Pusit, bisugo, dalag, dilis, tuyo they almost have it here and much cheaper. I took a half kilo of fine white dilis for the home run. Time's too short for making choices with only an hour or two to go to pack our bags and compress these last minute goodies to fit in our baggage.