020513 - The Urban Tracker (In La Union): The Coral Breakwater In San Vicente

A pirouette of tree branches by San Vicente breakwater
e came to learn the word that there's a breakwater with awesome shoreline lying somewhere in San Vicente. 

Sparing no time, we started the trek to a brave long hike unshrouded from the sun as the last hurrah to de-stress for a final call in San Fernando, La Union.

 photo 842837_4440097000071_1200588670_o.jpg
Carrying our loot and stuff on our way to Gid-Ay
It's past an hour ago, our hopes almost faded, when our guide arrived 3 pm. We rushed eagerly to the open shores of Pagdalagan to chase the remaining daylight with our stuff to kick off our trek. Unmindful of the searing heat plus all the boats dragged ashore, we carried our slippers, supplies in thermal box sashaying our path back to the road with streetside cottages in Pagudpud.

 photo 882208_4551966756745_1255778702_o_zps412d991f.jpg
Bancas park along the shores an obstacle course in the making

 photo 860926_4551994637442_1647778358_o_zpse059109d.jpg
Enter San Vicente as the arch pointed
 photo 860539_4552002997651_740333326_o_zpse5c658da.jpg
Aged tree coming to view 
 photo 857685_4551997797521_1087642556_o_zpsdf668705.jpg
Military men in cadence jog in our opposite path
The army of military men in military cadence jogged their way opposite our path as we pushed forward before the last left turn to San Vicente proper. We picked the fancy drinks to match our snack in that last wayward to add to our supplies. On the end of the road was the marker rerouting us to final land drop – the seaboard of North Luzon revealed calmness as we found ourselves on the edge of the coral rocks marred and carved by time.  A pure shore, unfailing in comparison with its holy sunset view and smooth waters.

 photo 883331_4552207722769_729021791_o_zpsc7590d01.jpg
At last, the coral breakwater our destined last hurrah
 photo 886871_4552208122779_1121899382_o_zpsf466edb9.jpg
Carved stone formations ashore San Vicente breakwater
 photo 792311_4440125280778_1764906691_o.jpg
No time to spare, swim like there's no forever!
 photo 823362_4440120120649_864169860_o.jpg
Countdown begins for beach enjoyment
 photo 823501_4426377497092_827008528_o.jpg
Bowing out to the sky and off for a dip
A eureka of a sort to note in our last ditch to romanticize La Union with Thanksgiving of the past ten days of grueling paper works. To witness the sum of our journey here meant sharing our insights of the past few days, scrambling for words to feed our spirit by the remains of the bursting sunset. The rigidity of days halted us here like we were summoned by the spirit of the rocks decked our prime enjoyment plus our fancy drinks to bring us to the tone.

 photo 819243_4426394057506_40853926_o.jpg
Showtime for sunset
 photo 887505_4552081319609_1464629637_o_zps36658e81.jpg
Stone boulders turn shadowy that inspires reverie
Retreating was an inescapable act but not until we have ourselves watched the dramatic sunset being swallowed down as midnight seeped in. Our clothes soaked as we made a comeback to Pagdalagan with all our thoughts now diverting to the packing of our bags. Hence, inside we trailed back our consciousness to reserve La Union a special place pursed within among those boulders and waves.