020113 - The Urban Tracker (In La Union) : The Ice Cream House In P. Ortega

The inner passages thru the buildings in La Union downtown proper
ot perhaps but the best way to navigate the busy district of San Fernando City in La Union was taking the shortcut arteries cutting thru buildings leading to series of outlets until the last exit to the main market. 

Mastery of these alleys could enable a city goer to avoid the feisty heat and sidewalk crowd.

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The SFDO Public Market in full swing as usual.
This was what I realized today after past few days of circuiting the in-and-out to the key establishments going about buying stuff especially on the market side where things got carnival as trade boiling up in SFDO. The SFDO Public Market occupying one block is the home of dry goods of mostly home products on the first floor while rows of combo eatery dominate the 2nd floor.

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Veggies in uniform slice is a healthy snack option in the city     
Local shoppers usually frequented National Bazaar Supermarket, SFDO's vibrant but obviously an old supermarket just across the public market. The market scramble mode was due to wholesale purchases of shoppers who found the items cheaper here. It's around this area I found some quirky and unfamiliar street food items like this veggie in uniform slice sold at 10 per plastic. A vendor gives one an option to add salt or hot spice or vinegar. It's a healthy snack in a way that comes in varieties like papaya, turnip, cucumber, carrots. Just no mayonnaise for a dip here, too bad.

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Fried liver, gaining a momentum with snacking public
Another popular must-try is this fried liver that comes on-the-go in sticks or in a plastic glass which sells at 10. The vendor told me it's a pork liver cuts wrapped in flavored flour and fried to make it look bright. It came out better off a partner with beer or pulutan than having a laman loob (innards) or the fried beef internals version which is quite unhealthy. Eating liver is good if you're anemic but it's bad for those who avoid high uric acid.

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Local deejays of the most popular radio station 101.7 Love Radio
One would wonder why wholesale centers like Novo are invading provincial cities? The main road of the city in Bgy 3 was not exempt, as dozens of big players of banks, fast foods, drugstores aligned here. But one thing that caught my interest was the van parked with the faces behind SFDO’s most popular radio station the 101.7 Love Radio. They were the local counterparts of Papajack and Nicolehiyala and the stations' headquarter is here in Bgy.3. Names like Boy Lollipop, Amboy Bawang, Manny Pakwan, Billy My Love were very much top of mind local deejays here.

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Spotting the IceCeamHouse sa Ortega for some frozen treats
The harsh hours of heat were striking that I needed to skip back to the arteries on those passageways to get back from where I once came from back in Bgy.4 for my hunt of that thirst quenching drink but instead, I chanced upon this IceCreamHouse sa Ortega.
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Coco strands with ice shavings a nice alternative to halo halo
And behold on my seat in the intersections of P. Ortega, I did have the best relax viewing local students, motorists who were busy moving on with the order of the day, On its list was this coco strands with ice shavings and ube ice cream that impressed me so I ordered one. While I tackled this bowl of stress relieving halo-halo, its then I realized that in the thick of afternoon I have explored the key points of the city proper. For no less than 2 hours and just like that, I did a roundabout of the market and commercial side of the city.