020313-The Urban Tracker (In La Union): Stairway To Heaven In Sevilla

Chinese Friendship Pagoda sits at the acme on the scale of Zigzag Road.
eaching the high top spots in SFDO took us mustering enough stamina especially climbing the flight of stairs after tracing the trail in Zigzag road. 

But for lovers entwined, the pagoda on top could offer a respite and privacy despite the scale of heights.

 photo 859668_4530105690232_824990057_o.jpg
The elevating park along Zigzag Road is a recluse spot perfect for some romantic moments.
 photo 858478_4530108530303_81560927_o.jpg
SFDO as viewed from the Pagoda
 photo 856954_4530108650306_1552517475_o.jpg
Benguet Mountains at another angle from the pagoda spot.
A haven for lovers even for a day tripper what is known as a romantic spot called Filipino Chinese Friendship Pagoda. The view of the horizon of SFDO from the bay plus the panoramic view of the mountains going up to Benguet was such a feasting view. The 360-degrees view on the top of La Union was an echoing perfection here.

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Provincial Capitol of La Union 
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Wilderness landscaping the perimeters of Zigzag Road
An exit connecting to Zigzag Road, I followed that path into the area of provincial capitol building embedded among those gigantic and obviously old trees creating a relaxing shed and compelling atmosphere for promenaders, and hikers. With the tree leaves swaying in the breeze and falling, it's such a fanciful scenery and an absorbing walk.

 photo 858372_4530114290447_912659978_o.jpg
The elevated neighborhood part of Sevilla.
The path I chose this time led me to another elevation breaching the fortress and already turning the part of Sevilla where behold a grandeur stairway was just waiting to be stepped into.

 photo 856433_4530115490477_1604452504_o.jpg
Freedom Park's welcoming sign
 photo 858893_4530120890612_1133993049_o.jpg
The Sevilla Freedom Park pays tribute to the unforgotten heroes of our history.
 photo 858163_4530121850636_185440483_o.jpg
Bannering a tribute to the heroic exploits of our past heroes.
The Freedom Park, a visible stairway structure from the highway is a La Union landmark that should be in invade list. Erected in 1969, The stairway is a prevailing tribute to the past presidents and heroes of our time. I think this must be literally a stairway to heaven as the stairs lead one to the heavens where these heroes already belong. But again the strong sunlight denied me the comfort of ascending so I satisfied myself with taking a shot of this monumental grandeur with unspoken regard to these historical figures.