012713 - The Urban Tracker (In La Union) : Psychedelic Sunset At Pagdalagan Sur

The psychedelic sunset over Pagdalagan Sur horizon.
arkness started blanketing the horizons along the shorelines of Pagdalagan Sur. 

A chance to witness the sunset while kicking the waves was just a walking distance after all into a beachfront that's turning scenic, chromatic, psychedelic and everything fell apart.

 photo 857388_4470871169406_1885511064_o.jpg
The fellowship crosses the bridge on the sunset blight
 photo 859675_4470882769696_957585359_o.jpg
Trees reverting to shadows building up a mystery
The skies have turned paled owing to the zeroing sunset when we paced towards the shoreline. Walking past the bridge led us into a dried mangrove fortress. Those trees ahead of us were swallowed by shadows guiding our fellowship to a sort of call.

 photo 883218_4551951756370_1380316271_o_zpsea211fdf.jpg
Crossing a swamp for our last hop towards the shoreline.
 photo 883271_4551952556390_551646282_o_zps83637e6b.jpg
An old abandoned house looks spooky in the distance.
A call of nature - either from our curiosity, the sunset or the sea that's luring us, revealed a swamp that bounds the soil to sand. And from the distance was an obviously abandoned rest house with a macabre outlook around the untouched grasses.

 photo 860814_4470897770071_677461837_o.jpg
Pagdalagan shoreline for a kick-off group siesta in fine sand dunes.
 photo 861155_4470914770496_1242040093_o.jpg
Waves splashing, as the winds smash your face.
The skies anytime now were turning orange yet the casualty of the moment was thriving on the sandy shores. We inched closer to the shores, digging thoughts and delighted the next.

 photo 859182_4470929490864_1167480861_o.jpg
Romantic sunset...wordless
 photo 841264_4470905930275_1672255097_o.jpg
Our group in casual chat waiting for the tick of time
The horizon was glaring on its sunset glory. Thanks to our gracious guide, BJ, the son of our host who wasted no time relating a tale about the nearby grassy part that once encountered bushfire that firemen had to be called to put it out.

 photo 860282_4470930650893_1254338019_o.jpg
Swallowing the moment testing the waters for a dip. 
Facing the Lingayen Gulf is San Fernando's west front of Pagdalagan Sur bordering Bauang that stretches to Poro Point and to the renowned surfing front of Mabini. The beachfront was simply an alluring walk to shake off our stress with the waves starting to make a rapid splash. And the wade in every splash churned out our reservations with little conversations kicking a bond in between - a  relaxing contrast of my last night's ordeal when the bus took me off the wrong drop off point.

 photo 812765_4470931090904_801773657_o.jpg
Beach dipping is as fun as texting...anyway!
After an episodic beach dip of our feet before the fabulous sunset watch, it's time to return to our quarters. White European tourists also followed our path with the same fashion stroll.  On our way back home, It's time to unveil that pump and blow the airbag until I made sure I plunged into it for our lazy nap. Beach struck!