012813 - The Urban Tracker (In La Union): The Dorm Strip of P. Gomez.

The San Fernando Park offers a playground fit for one's vagabond.
oticeably well-kept and orderly, a presence of playground offered a relaxing respite for a sojourner on a break. 

While briefly stabled and cradled from the blaze of the sun in this morning hoopla, San Fernando City, after all, gave a general relaxing impression. With its linking park and adjacent principal structures, it's a good idea to stand by in the park for a warm up to brace me for more of downtown escapades.

 photo 858553_4530125930738_1121859669_o.jpg
The well-cuticle park is just across the busy innermost city, a good alternative cover for the scorching afternoon. 
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The St. William The Hermit Parish is the home of the Diocese of San Fernando
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In another distance is one the G.E. Antonio Memorial Hall transformed into police headquarters. 
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Standing proudly along the highway is UCCP Capitol Church of La Union.
My thoughts were wrapped up in chasing some respondents somewhere in P. Gomez but heritage came first within the perimeters of me. It's a good idea to first pay tribute to these structures as they were just a few walks apart. The city park of San Fernando stood on the heels of elevating road and from where I stood it's clear the path was set to move higher in part of Poblacion of Bgy. 2.

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Dorms accept transients in big and small groups. Just look at the gatepost. 
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It's easy to tell a boarding house in P. Gomez by the pavement.
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John a transient boy fetching a water on public pump, a little unwell with low water pressure
Turning to P. Gomez St. was another story as the road terrain increasingly leveled up.  The street at all angles is a wonderland of transient houses and dorms. If one happened to get in this part, many of neighborhood houses here are up for rent and you could tell from the gate signs or just ask someone who lives here. Going further to Zigzag Road, many more signages offered their houses or a dormitory for rent for a short and long-term. Well, it's a cheaper alternative than getting a hotel on the main highway since this area is comfortably near the city's commercial spots and to the scenic gardens.

 photo 860412_4530082729658_496893306_o.jpg
Marlou's handprints the art on this shirt.
When I got into one alley interior, houses were like piling up each other as each of them came higher after another. Hang on for your dear life if your balance is not good like the ones in Baguio. But though some fences were high, people maintained the provincial warmth like the artist named Marlou. He's a shy, soft-spoken guy but an artist in his own right. Designing T-shirt prints was his specialty when he showed me his new print design on the shirt he's left hanging dry with hand-painted symbols. A quick shot of his designs was my proof of his work.

 photo 857811_4551858594041_1398808781_o_zpsbeeb97a0.jpg
Simply irresistible... a bunch of kamias is just an arm reach
Climbing and descending here took me a real steal of a breath and a thirsty alternative was to find a store to address this. Having found such drink and hanging about, this thickening bunch of kamias just in my arm reach was so hard to resist. Pick at your own risk, I guess! And my stomach growled.

 photo 857273_4530138211045_21875851_o.jpg
Yukee, the eatery is actually a boarding house, a backpacker's find.
 photo 859317_4530139331073_270859624_o.jpg
Combo meal is all over the area for those tight in budget...student's paradise
Since it's lunchtime, I decided to spend my lunch break in a nearby Yukee which in second look was also a backpacker's accommodation fronting as an eatery. Like any other rows of eatery nearby and on the 2nd floor of the main market, they offered a trendy 35 combo meal. A combo meal is comprised of a meat and veggie dish complete with a soft drink which is reasonable and affordable for tight in budget. I took the binagoongang talong coupled with curry native chicken was not a bad choice. Yukee came out with a pop ambiance, no wonder it's always filled by time-wasting students.

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Aling Salome's home-based junk shop
Wheeling away to climb the higher portion of P. Gomez neighborhood, Aling Salome was waiting for me in her home into the interior of thick bushes and trees. Her place was a clutter of stuff amid the gardens. She was operating a junk shop for some time now. She was feeding her little native chicks which she gladly showed me. She's been amassing a lot of stuff including these plastic caps that she's drying up on the tip of plants. They looked more like decorations than recyclables. And it's amusing to see her little native chicks feasting a meal over the bilao.

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Mc Donald's and Jollibee cups battle it out for the hang.