012913 - The Urban Tracker (In La Union) : A Tan To Go Around Carlatan

The facade of Our Lady of Immaculate Concepcion with its signature protruding sharp roof
ithout shades, caps or a shroud to shield from the searing heat – It's my decision to have a tan as I moved around Carlatan confines this afternoon. 

And it started right here in the highway of Carlatan in front of  Our Lady of Immaculate Concepcion gawking on its triangular-spiked roof.

 photo 857636_4551881554615_860003986_o_zps9fa8c6cf.jpg
A backyard fish pond is a common fixture in Carlatan neighborhood
The alley at the back of the church led me to my first stop. The dogs were howling that kept me still and marveling at a sight of a fishpond. "That is ours and it's man-made,"  a voice of Ate Edith came by and pacified the dogs. The fishpond is 50ish Ate Edith's family business who invited me for a sit-down small talk in her nice veranda. She talked bubbly about her pending travel plans.

 photo achara_zps08805891.jpg
Atsara, an all-time favorite Pinoy appetizer
My 2nd stop in the compound of Aling Salome, she showed me a newly-made homemade atsara and showed me how to prepare it right on my very eye. It's a nice appetizer intended as a partner for their business namely - Embok Lechon Manok - located on the main highway. With the rest of the family, they all pitched in for the venture with other competitors on the main highway. Atsara with its neutralizing taste gave them an edge as an appetizing idea. I bought 2 bottles for a take-home at 50 each before parting ways.

 photo 858782_4530170411850_2125949082_o.jpg
A Coca-cola Plant set up a towering giant size canisters to banner the soda supremacy.
On the main highway, the CocaCola plant proudly banners the monumental cans of Coke and Sprite. Big players like them have made Carlatan home including big schools and terminals of big provincial buses.

 photo 859106_4530178732058_833279760_o.jpg
A mid-afternoon dip and frolic by native kids on Carlatan beach shores - open to the public.
 photo 885819_4551866234232_2042575373_o_zpsfb00ab4d.jpg
The beachfront of Carlatan as viewed from the shaded part.
From the back of Coca-Cola Plant, I followed the path en route to the seaside to this little seaside village named Purok 7. Charging the shoreline, I encountered the kids about to start their play and hunt for some sea life. The sands conducted heat seeping through my feet amid the promising beachfront.

 photo 858835_4551882394636_10281983_o_zps1d0be3ce.jpg
A laid-back village sits on the edge of the beach area. An old man taking the afternoon relax.
With a laid-back lifestyle, there's no denying that the local villagers here are accommodating especially to a stranger like me whom they thought has some good news. The other day they welcomed a group of nurse conducting a medical and feeding session to locals. Some household here don't have electricity yet and even more, most of them have to fetch water in a walking distance poso to get a day water supply. They also have to endure crossing a fish pond to get them to the main highway.

 photo 857266_4551864754195_1707351111_o_zpsa2183bcb.jpg
Lorma Medical Center, Carlatan's innovative hospital along the highway district.
And somebody showed me the way out to the highway through an alley facing Lorma Medical Center. The town hospital also has a school and I heard it has the most advanced medical facility treatment.in the province.With that, my skin assumed a tan though it has its natural way to whiten. What’s more important was the endearing time with Carlatan dwellers with a take-home of sweet thoughts of their accommodating warmth and smiles.