012213 The Urban Tracker (In Sorsogon): The Untold Paradise In Sawanga

The pristine waters make up the Paguriran's unadulterated unexploited beauty.

hose greenish algae covering the rocky shores of Paguriran was indicative of something - the waters along the shore is pristine, unadulterated of pollution or commercial invasion.

Only a month ago, Paguriran was just a suggestion dropped by my friend Anton but this day it's a word coming to consume as unexpectedly splendid, a paradise of its own, and a surprise getaway as I took my group here for over an hour ride in the city and with wordless approval, we'd like to party!

 photo P1010424-Copy_zpsc8482798.jpg
A stone landmark pointing to the entrance of the getaway
 photo P1010422_zps3040b3bb.jpg
The pathway walk by the ricefield is a thrilling prospect
 photo P1010352_zps22dd16be.jpg
Dance of tree branches greeting us with an afternoon breeze in Paguriran.
The island fancy was also coming to happen as we barged into it and tested us to a sort of adventure. The Paguriran Island is located in Sawanga Bacon, another over an hour ride from Sorsogon City. From the postcard countryside along the way that seemed endless, our pulse beating fast was replaced with adoration and awe with those picturesque farmlands, croplands as they wowed us never before deeper southern sections of the Philippines.

When the driver told us, we're in the resort entrance, farmlands still extended up here in our disbelief. A way to the entrance was a short ricefield before the huts came to view. That's when we realized we could just throw away a stone to a melting sight of an island before a beach frontier that's fabulously raw with no entrance fee at all!

 photo P1010378_zps2fdb069d.jpg
A coral stone washed out by Pacific wave.
 photo P1010357_zps36a69df5.jpg
Rocky beachside on the coast of Paguriran
 photo P1010351_zps9066908c.jpg
Boats docking nearby the clear waters of Paguriran.
Scanning the shores, the coral rocks were decked with patches of greenish algae. Private resorts were situated along the shores and on our side were just enough huts and a lone store. We surmised it's better this way - unspoiled by too much commercialization unlike what happened to Boracay. There's a mystique so sweet that's indescribable especially when you're ashore. We selected our hut and took no time.

 photo P1010377_zps34b679c4.jpg
Crossing into that islet only takes a knee-deep walk after all
 photo P1010412_zps0c1bdbe5.jpg
A playful splash for a getaway icebreaker
 photo P1010409_zps59eeb328.jpg
Rocky coral formations await inside the lagoon of Paguriran islet
 photo P1010383_zpsb6bc53ec.jpg
Tiptoeing is your last resort with the spiky surface of the rocks.
 photo P1010390_zps3c104a4a.jpg
Selfie in the lagoon, as expected
Our first party plunged into the waters that are deceivingly deep but in truth shallow and crossed that island with an illusion of being distant but actually, a few meters walk from the shore. It's amazing to note that the water was just knee deep as we made our island barge. I forgot to bring the slippers with the coral cliffs that proves to be spiky and hurting. Nevertheless, we had the island our own like a scene in Survivor. There's a lagoon inside the coral cliffs where one can spend private moments or coral platforms where one can climb into or plunge into a dive.

 photo P1010398_zps7a5569e3.jpg
Rocks are spiky, the adventure is in enduring them.
In a matter of minutes, the rest of the group arrived and all game for the wild isolation of the island. We needed to take advantage of remaining light to experience an island getaway so exotic with nature and air unadulterated. It was fun indeed continuing the saga of island jokes among cliffs. We all laid upon the bank of the island on the white sand bed to get the hands-on playful mode of playing with fire on the beach.

 photo P1010411_zps2b150a29.jpg
Panting on the waters by the twilight
It's good to have my face scrubbed with the white sand for complete island temptation experience. The tempting part was that it's not scary at all to move with its smooth water current and lukewarm temperature. Though we didn't get enough tan, it's good to note we’re facing the Pacific front.  By the time we returned to the main bank, it’s siesta time with our fancy drinks with the owner evacuating us into another hut for a beach karaoke. Then the fun and bonding prevailed in stolen moments as we culminated the day - such a deserving way to romance and divine Sorsogon. Something so and so, we knew would not happen at any immediate time anyway.

 photo P1010430_zps08b86039.jpg
The twilight sinks into retreat the Paguriran way