120212 The Urban Tracker (In Cagayan Valley) : A Taste of Cagayan In A Haste

Hotel Roma by the morning after
t's a Sunday wake-up call in Hotel Roma together with my crew to prepare a shoot in the lobby and we have to rush in the turn of the morning for a glimpse of Tuguegarao and elsewhere. 

From the corridors of Hotel Roma, the poinsettias were head-turners, an obvious motif to give it a Christmas lift. The decors were more imposing when we reached the lobby. 

The towering Christmas tree delights the hotel guests in the lobby.
Poinsettias give a pronounced Yuletide feel
Gold wreaths on the table spice up the season feel.
From the wall hangings, the table decors, the mirror fountain beside the green decked deer statues that made it irresistible not to take pictures to capture its classic quirkiness. Other guests in the lobby were also tingled by the hotel's Christmas tree while hotel staff all smiled at us and even allowed us to a shoot in the nearby lounge room. The shoot proceeded in short takes maybe because of the carefree feel of the venue. There’s something in the hotel that would remind and makes one recommend it.

Hitting the streets of Tuguegarao in an inescapable scramble.
The wall of tribute by the entrance to the Catholic Archdiocese of Tuguegarao.
street deli finds in cagayan
Kakanin deli is a familiar snack sighting for church visitors.
And so our crew came out in the street for Tuguegarao’s street combing. We started with nearby downtown church, very close in the heart of Cagayenos, The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Tuguegarao. The catchy presence of the varieties of native delights or kakanin was too irresistible that next thing happened was were already munching a tupig while we were doing the stroll around the inner city. 

Karitelas are still very much a popular mode of transport here after all.
The karitela transport is very much alive here as they still ply the city streets teeming with the bustling utility jeeps and tricycles. We did square off the markets to take a better shot of market scenes and other pertinent matters without the luxury of unlimited time which we satisfyingly did. We also located the famous eatery spot of Mang Domeng to reward our rumbling stomach – the mami was such a splendid kick for a breakfast.

The streets of Tuguegarao in a busy tricycle rush hour.
We returned to the hotel as the service van was waiting for our pick-up for the remains of our duties of the day. Tuguegarao is already an upswing city with lots of property development going on aside from its agricultural prosperity. 
Jren's panciteria's pancit batil patong
The native Pancit Batil Patong of Jren's Panciteria is a must-try for foodie adventurers.
But the day did not end to miss that taste of Cagayan’s pride. If Quezon of the south has Pancit Habhab, Cagayan of the north has their popular and endemic Pancit Batil Patong, a slight contrast with Pancit Kabagan. It’s a fried noodle laid over eggs fired up with chicharon toppings with thick sidings of onions, and soy sauce. Here in J-Ren's Panciteria was such a mouthwatering day to end my affair with Cagayan.