122112 - The Urban Tracker (In Makati) - Unexpected Turn In San Lorenzo

A snapshot of a gaping surprise.
portrait of surprise when something least expected happen. Our group number was declared 2nd, something we couldn’t shake off and absorbed easily as earlier we went thru odds and delays for that number. We only rehearsed  for 2 hours and have to cross the 2 hour traffic. We came to San Lorenzo Club House venue late with only few minutes left for final instructions and yet when it’s or turn, the dvd glitched  messing up our choreos.

Costume participants in their character group pic
The party theme of that night was to dress up as cartoon characters or anime. I missed the fun being in the cast but I ran out of time producing the attire but it’s ok since most of my colleagues tonight are in character mode with their alter egos like Aladdin, Jean Grey, Pirate of Caribbean, Super Mario etc. It’s dine time when we arrived just as the karaoke portion started when everyone has been put on a spot to sing and then rated. Then it’s time to meet our group leader for the final decision –  now reduced as back ups to flow along blocking and moves while we frontliners have to execute the major steps. Then it’s showtime - we realized we were the last to perform.

Christmas pine trees on candle holders

It was a blast despite the bloopers. Our number started with Jennifer Lopez Dance Again then shifted to a lighthearted Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas and for finale that’s when we unleashed the ‘aliw factor’ thru Cha Cha Dabarkads of Ryzza, where  the rest joined the light fun. That perhaps gave us an edge to land on second place – for 2,000 pesos prize., not bad!

There's the hula hoop parlor game which our group won and the karaoke impromptu solo performance where I chose Cueshe’s ‘Back To Me’ as my piece. The cartoon princesses of Ariel and Jasmine were chosen best costumes.

The novelty party regaler - the karaoke
The party’s venue which is spacious and cool has kept everyone at ease until we reach the monito monita part where I got a Dickies shirt. It’s a great closure year for Inspira and it only happens that the departments bonds in a while.

Salute to our choreographer
But there’s one person responsible for our win. If not for his lat minute quick thinking we could have not structured our number with the dance steps selflessly taught to us by Mark earlier during our rehearsals somewhere in Cogeo. Thanks Mark!