121512 - The Urban Tracker (In Pasay) : Bazaar Love Triangle In PICC Forum Tent

Noel Bazaar - shoppers eye all set at PICC Forum Tent
he Christmas rush is true and the Carpenters were right as  my sister tagged me along to Noel Bazaar at PICC Forum Tent. She's bright! Why bother going to Divisoria's holiday bargain scoop when it's more relaxing snooping around in Noel hoping for those request wishlists to crop up here.

Glamorous and colorful varieties like these bags are finders delight.
My memory of my first Noel bazaar visit was in World Trade Center, a contrast to Forum Tent which has an enclave design, translucent lighting from its canvas roof enclosure an. For 50 a ticket per entry,  a security check-in with x-ray baggage scanner awaited us in the entrance and of course some frisking. 

Every shopper has this weird feeling when one is not familiar with the set-up. But my sister's witty plan was already cooked up - follow one direction, penetrate one aisle at a time from both ends, no zigzagging to another aisle. It ain't gonna work as in case of 168, but I realized this makes it easier to saturate the whole stalls, lessen the time to hop from stall to stall  not to miss out some stuff we probably may get lost sight of. 

Ogie and Regine's celebrity Ukay-ukay - a Noel mainstay.
But I knew my sister brought me here because of my fashion acumen or as a consultant. She's used to my first opinion or critique to any item dress or accessories on the criteria of colors, uniqueness, matching. Almost always I have proven her penchant for unique finds. Like the shawls at 50 which were good gift ideas and with great colors that would surely match the taste of her prospect recipients and the giveaway ballpens for 25. 

A salivating sight of Cebu lechon
Yet there's everything else to examine from apparels, toys, crafts with some unique variations and for those with distinctive eye, it can be a great discovery.  Anyway they put up a Metrobank ATM  dispenser for cash replenish or a visa card swiper if a shopper wants a cash-free transaction so that speaks for convenience.

GMA has and always been the official and perennial media partner of Noel Bazaar. They mounted a booth dedicated for their corporate goodies. In not so distant corner was an ongoing cooking demo event hosted by Shivaker for a light fun and promo pitch by sponsors. 

Inutak, a nice idea for a gift with a cool packaging
There's one  holding booth however where bazaaristas lined up and joined the salvage spree . It's the Ogie and Regine's ukay ukay where celebrity hand-downs were being sold and good as new with some being worn only once. Shoppers have their feast here getting a pre-owned stuff like gowns, shoes, apparels, bags, belts because it's reasonably priced.

After an hour of shop gig, it's time to slow down for some coffee cravings. The nice kick of Magnifico's 3 in 1 gave us a last ditch boost for the final roundup with free taste and freebies on our way out. The  inutak, a Taguig delicacy looked a promising gift idea for its packaging and the salivating Cebu lechon, a perfect gastronomic treat.

Cozy ambiance adds to the allure of shopping experience in PICC Forum Tent.
What makes PICC Forum tent so functional after all were its arrangement. It has restrooms in all sides with a cool comfy turf that is not too big for a shopping round. That makes shopping minus the hassles of the rush. Not to mention that proceeds of this project is for benefit the Kapuso Foundation. That's shopping spirit in the name of stewardship!