122612 - The Urban Tracker (In Cavite) : Stream Frolicking At Malinta

The remaining freshwater stream in parts of Malinta
fter a 5-minute hike and a cliffhanging descent, we have unraveled the last of the remaining freshwater stream system of Malinta Dasmarinas. Just a day after Christmas with 6 hyperactive kids, we explored the deeper chasm of Calle Pogi and it's not an easy trail.

The hike to unknown trail, a wanderlust adventure
The way to this unnamed stream was a little slippery and craggy and I almost panicked having to pass the rigorous trail like an obstacle course assisting these kids.  It's place my late friend Alvin  been telliing me and coining it 'Batis ni Maria', and he's right that the place retained its mystical nature despite the pending developments around the area.

Abundance of lichens extend to water streams
The kids were all in marvel and awe on the natural jungle feel of the place with all the boulders, rock formations and the running fresh water. The lichens were growing densely on some stacked waters on banks with small fishes. Our spot sat atop of the basin where the waters deposit into waterfall and ahead of us is a sequence of basin where water empties to one another which is quite dangerous for us to go further for the presence of snakes and rocks.

Rock formations of ridges and crevices before the stream drop
Our host let me borrowed a short so I could dip down the stream along with the kids who were now frolicking while the sun was shrinking. It's just a day after Christmas – the stream therapy enabled to remove all the stress of the season's madness. It was just the right coldness of a stream that my body can tolerate that is totally so refreshing and rejuvenating. BRRR..avo!

The water currents tumbling as it passes the boulders
I kept warning the kids to avoid spots with rocks that may scratch them or spots with depressions that may swallow them. The waters never failed from collision with the stones as it made a splash from the untamed current. Then the local fish hunters arrived with their hooks and spades. They're navigating the river system for a catch of a species rat called 'alamid' and a gecko or 'tuko'

Unstoppable currents keeps the tracker in touch with nature and wellness
The sky was beginning to get hazy owing to onset of typhoon Quinta that made its landfall in Visayas. We needed to pack up before the rains start making our path slippery. And off the group reverted on uphill hike to return to the neighborhood. While on the way, I managed to catch a big species of millipede or 'singsing pari' which caused me to freak out inside the bus later on my way to Manila as it got away and frisked on my neck. 

The kids in jovial and playful mode not minding the typhonn gusts
It's good to note some streams like this still exist on this part of Dasmarinas and in another so afraid that soon this natural wonder will get wasted and be threatened to give way for residences, golf course, commercial buildings that are already sprawling in the area. The kids of next gen deserve to see and enjoy place like these much to call for our authorities to preserve and save these streams of Malinta from disappearing!

Watching the stream flow go berserk is such a relaxing in itself