122212 - The Urban Tracker (In Makati) - Gangnamacious In San Miguel

Prizes are piling up for disposal for the night's lucky winners
uck smiled at me when I heard my name called. I won a stand fan courtesy just one shy away from the grand prize of IMS raffle bonanza here in San Miguel Village. More than just a bonus of this years blessings, tonight's pretty promising for a toast of nostalgia.

Friends, once-friends,enemies, frenemies gathered for a buzz.
All prizes were already laid out on the table for all the peeps who have been part of IMS family the past year. Meaning no one would go home empty-handed. Tita Marge our respected and adored madame made sure of that even from our friends who came all the way from Davao, our local counterpart group led by Teresa Rico and all of those moonlighters, to join the celebration. And a  welcome presence of our beloved friend who made it after almost a month of hospital arrest.

Karaoke intermission
A get-together so well attended party with almost the people I have worked or connected with the past year were all here to rub elbows with and squeeze some jokes reminisce over pale pilsen with some energetic hosting from Kuya Lito with  the karaoke contest kick-off to break the ice of  the party and judges to select the winner with price giveaway, our brother from Davao won with flying colors. Intermissions are also welcome with the itchy gangnamers and the surprise solo number by our boss' daughter - a dance rendition to the 70’s tune of Staying Alive is so nostalgic.

Tita Marge and Kuya Lito posing with the loot with the winner.
Then the tension started to drum up as each name was called for tonight’s loot. Prices and loots were given off one after another to those names drawn. Some major prices like DVD player, flat iron were set for disposal. My name hasn’t yet been called with only 2 major prizes left. I remember last year I won a Hyundai item but certainly not again tonight. Then my name was called, as one of 2 recipient of stand fan with only a washing machine left for the winner which is Mae – the repeat winner. Heads rolled later as everyone was called closed doors to receive our bonus pay.
More than that, the party gave each other a chance to rub elbows with our fellow workers. People who have become part of our lives from the past year for a chance to greet them, thank them and share light moments with. This was all what the party's about – a chance to celebrate the year that was full of ups and downs yet we were still intact and all going home a lot preppy and gangnamed all night long.