111812 - The Urban Tracker (In Pangasinan): A View To A Hunt Thrill in San Isidro Norte

Starfish gathering as kids let it loose for the thrill of a hunt.
ocal kids of Benmaley hauled an abundance of starfish flashing it like play cards, toying it for childhood indulgence. 

But they were not at all alone here, there's a gathering of force on the shores of San Isidro Norte Benmaley all for another bounty of the thrilling hunt.

The once operational dock reduced to rubbles by constant knocking of waves.
In short, I also joined the thrill of seeking life forms here in the morning along the shores of San Isidro Norte. Among the chunks of boulders which was once an operational dock - tumbled by waves and ruined by time, a perfect setting for some crustaceans to thrive; and a hunting ground for curious weekenders and fanatics of the day.

Our driver bud Mang Ray and I were supposed to scout for the catch of the day by local fisherfolks wrapping up their nets and catch in their docked boats when we noticed the presence of the small mussels knocked ashore by the waves. We were lured into collecting these mussels after locals told us they could be eaten if properly washed and cooked. We continued our hunt among the boulders where there's plenty and found a big one. In the course, we met a family who's also gathering another crustacean - the bigger crabs or alimango.

Lucky to find a big mussel flashing it as a memento.
Amassing the small mussels is the relaxing part of hunt thrill
The waters of San Isidro Norte belongs to Lingayen Gulf where fresh water meets the sea water. There are forms of fishes and crustaceans who have found a home in these kinds of water. A big alimango catch is what this family composed of his wife and 2 daughters patiently hopes to chance upon after harvesting smaller ones. Big ones love to attach itself to the rocks that make it hard and unpredictable to catch. 

The father had at last found the one as he struggled to pull from one spot. 

The family that hunts together, takes the most bounty.
At last, he pulled the catch with one broken claw stuck in his hand. That was a very painful one but a rewarding catch as it was put in a pail in the company of smaller ones. I saw their smiles painted as they would have to deal with the catch for few days as their meal. 

Broken clawed alimasag among other smaller catch
The tide was on the rise when everyone was ready to banish from the spot. We already have a pretty good deal of mussels to bring home once in a while. Something like this couldn't happen anytime soon and be sure a catch to remember for the meantime. The sunset fell on the eve of our last day in Benmaley shoreline.

The sunset in Benmaley, an end to a day's catch.