111512 The Urban Tracker (In Cavite): Parody Of Play At Paradiso Terrestre

As sunrise unfolds in the stretch of Molino Blvd, It's still a pretty iffy morning tracing my path to Paradiso Terrestre just few meters from SM Molino. A sign that you are almost near there when you see the towering signage with the signature logo atop. Much more when you pass the entrance, the logo hangs like a pitstop sign just below a roof that looks like cone-shaped volcano in illusion

PhotobucketParadiso Terrestre is obviously an event venue that caters to the booming residential district of Imus in Molino side where subdivisions crop up from side to side. One need not go to far Manila to materialize occasions, events. But I am here today as part of an ensemble as my company reserved the function room of 3rd  floor above Via Romana Restaurant for the whole day group forum. We have 3 leg sessions for the whole day each lasts around 2 hours each throughout the day. So while the session is on, that's the time to pry around and try my grasp what's interesting inside the vicinity.

PhotobucketWith Cecille-Yen Pesculado Pino, our session coordinator, who requested my company while on session break; she insisted that I have to take a lunch first. We just came down from Via Romana Restaurant to prepare our guests for next session and fix their meals. The waiters were hanging in wait for my signal to serve my food - the food is getting cold so It's obvious I have to consume it.

More than all the finds inside the vicinity - the pool named De Cor Azul, the La Terraza Bar & Grill, Cafe Paradiso on highway side with free wi-fi and reasonably priced food and drinks, those freshly grown lettuce  which they also sell, I find something to fancy inside the venue. I am referring to the bronzed sprayed statues, non-life entities that  portrays life and are placed in different corners as part of the venue's attraction. 

So below is the parody of play of these forms that gave me endearing moments. They gave me a reason to believe that they are not just guardians inside the venue, their presence gave a place a sort of character and as if they have a message to convey.

For inquiries and reservations, navigate www.theparadisoterrestre.com or like Paradiso Terrestre at facebook.