102112 The Urban Tracker (In Manila): Camera Fix In Hidalgo

Poring to MC lens cleaner while waiting for the fix
magine Quiapo without all its ambulant vegetable street vendors, fortune tellers and rows of wholesale shops somewhere in those uncharted corners. 

Even more, what's Quiapo without those electrical accessories, optical shops and the legendary Hidalgo strip so-coined for it’s the popular destination to get a fix or troubleshoot one’s malfunctioning camera? That on mind took me on my first attempt to bring relief to my stuck camera after passing Quiapo church in my usual calculated pace.

Randomizing Hidalgo one step at a time
After finding a replacement for the broken casing of my 1080 Samsung around Quiapo Central Mall, I trod the stretch of Hidalgo St ticking to this unfamiliar seedy shop - Bert's Camera Repair Shop.  Located along the curb before the edge of Gomez St., the burly guy then hailed me sensing my intent. The technician dutifully assessed my camera's casualty - the lens stuck up needing a detailed wire adjustments.

My doubts dissipated as soon as I realized his costing was after all more affordable than going to the service center itself which could cost 3 times higher. Reygan the technician charged me to sit down on monoblock seat while drooling in his task.

Reygan, in tinkering action
In succeeding idleness, I noticed the shop's scanty space just built for 2, and a rustic feel that it has been around there for years checking an old laminated permit of Mr. Lamberto Fuentes as evidence of shop's specialty and expertise. Reygan in between talks revealed that their business was always updated to cater to the demands on modern and new camera models like Samsung, Canon, Pentax - from DSC, DLSR, lens even digicam. They also engaged in buy-and-sell trading for certain brand models. An outdated model like the old digicam one guy tried to trade up with was a no-brainer.

Bert's Camera Repair Shop's official receipt
As twilight loomed, Reygan became uneasy doing the final test. He handed me the receipt with the camera's description and filled up the blank spaces for my personal info including my contact number almost disregarding the special agreement of camera repair as stated below.

And before an hour was over, he handed me my Olympus FE360 after a convincing demo and a word of caution: Always take out the battery if not being used. I paid my dues and hit my way off Hidalgo flashing a Mona Lisa smile.