080212 The Urban Tracker (In Nueva Ecija): HUC Hullaballoo For Cabanatuan’s Glory

A chapel in the neighborhood of Daang Sarile. 
e were home based in Daang Sarile for the past 7 days located, just 10 minutes away from the upbeat Cabanatuan city proper. 

Daang Sarile is a neighborhood of mixed Class C-D houses that are generally speaking of the comfortable life of many of its inhabitants. A noticeable presence was the emergence of motels or villas but of course, a local parochial chapel was always a familiar sighting.

Fashioned farm implements like these are sold in the city streets.
In the main Poblacion meanwhile, commercialization was thickening.  In all angles, It's easy to conclude that Cabanatuan City was excitingly urbanized with all its commercial ongoings. But there's one clamor that had been a subject of contention among the general public here that's to push the city to a more deserving status - which is its cityhood.

The sign Yes to HUC is sweeping even in the outskirt of Palagay
That’s the story I pulsed in a farflung barrio of Palagay the other day  Despite the success of agricultural and agrarian programs here, people in this side were in spirits when talking about the fate of Cabanatuan in general. It's about a referendum move to elevate Cabanatuan as Highly Urbanized City (HUC), authored by some key individuals to engage the city dwellers to vote for the city as highly urbanized and decentralize it from the provincial government.

NE Super Bodega with a Disney inspired roof
From the looks of it, Cabanatuan was sheer urbanized and going in that direction by adopting a new measure. The city that flourished with its blessings from agricultural success but had also been penetrated by big players from banks, fast foods, malls like NE Super Bodega. The city has a growing population that needed more convenient services and approving the HUC could change the game.

A call is even bannered on the walls of Cabanatuan Public Market
For one, Cabanatuan qualified with its population of over 200,000 and annual income. But its implications was what traditional minds shunned. If that happened, the taxes revenue would be shared with Provincial government and even the provincial government loses administrative clout. That's bad news for the Governor as he would no longer have control of the city as the constituents no longer vote for the provincial position.

Excitement for HUC is up in the air in Palagay Elementary School
When it comes to political issues in the province, locals have a tendency to be very sensitive and sometimes provocative. But HUC is yet to be decided by the people via upcoming plebiscite. But change is inevitable, the only way is up for Nueva Ecija with its agricultural scene already seen its glory.