071812 The Urban Tracker (In Pangasinan): Bayaoas Road Side Fishing

Carabao on black marble headboard banners Urdaneta for a city logo.
striking landmark indicating you arrived in Urdaneta, Pangasinan was the sight of the carabao statue mounted on the black marble headboard along McArthur Highway. 

Reaching this highly urbanized city for a daytime commute from home base Dagupan clocked close to almost an hour.

Rizal statue has a bronzed replica in old municipal hall vicinity.
Like any other municipal provincial parks, chances of Rizal Monument replica is imminent. And I was not wrong when I caught sight of one bronzed statue in the nearby old municipal hall of Urdaneta. The city, however, built a new and modern municipal hall 15 minutes drive from here.

Urdaneta, by comparison, looked more upbeat and urbanized with all its rows of establishments and bustling market activities than any Pangasinan cities. Malls, universities have emerged and converged from along the main highway but I must say Urdaneta was not as congested as the capital Dagupan City and the zoning was better.

Stairway to 168, along McArthur Highway 2nd floor of Urdaneta Public Market
On the main Mc Arthur Highway, these stairs embossed with Urdaneta 168  led me to a 168 Shopping Mall on the 2nd floor,  part of Urdaneta Public Market. This market came with navigable alleys running through it and an air of fast-paced activity here was evident on its busy sidewalks filled with students, citygoers, market troopers. The reasons could be the nearby malls like BHF and MagicMall adjacent and walking distance from each other or the big fast foods layering along. 

The city of motor madness that is Urdaneta
The real madness that is here, there, and everywhere here were those motorcycles, tricycles. No wonder motor dealers and motor accessories shops here swarmed in commercial areas. This must be the city of single motors as they jam-packed the city parking. l realized that they served well as a necessity and very ideal in penetrating the outskirts that connect the rural dwellers. We searched for the right terminal going to the area of Bgy. Bayaoas. Instead, we chose to walk our way on the stretch of Ambrosio St. to see how roads transformed.

Cordillera revealed on the stretch of Ambrosio St. in Bayaoas outskirt.
From the highway, we cruised the area passing to Dilan-Paurido a small suburb crossing the bridge. But we needed to mark our boundaries so we continued with the stretch. The houses were getting scarce on our further steps and mountains were already surfacing by the time we paused. The Cordillera range was visible in the distance and a local told us we breached the area of  Bayaoas. Rural life rolled from this point as rice paddies like this one were all occupying the breadth.

A guy patiently watches for a catch along the street by the roadside.
Time kept us still on this highway point as cloudy skies started to drizzle. We took cover in a nearby big tree and whiled away watching this man on the street side trying a fish for a chance in a small stream in highway side. Streams and irrigated lands gave way for the presence of fish, we observed. But fishing on the highway still poked fun in the Philippines I realized on this gloomy day.

The catch of the day enough to solve the catcher's provisions.
The man who we never asked his name just talked for each of our questions. He just let us see his catch in the bucket without our insistence. His catch for the day mostly small tilapia just good enough to get thru a family's meal for a day. He admitted he has spent hours of waiting yet flashing a charming smile. Talk about that patience that we sometimes never have much that this guy had to endure while waiting for his bait catch.

The Urdaneta Garden Resort breaching Bayaoas.
There's a lone lovely resort on the highway along Bayaoas - the Urdaneta Garden Resort. Going further, the fishing guy tipped us is a part of Asingan so we boarded a tricycle this time on the return to main Urdaneta. where fishing was after all just a minute drive and an amusing affair.