073012 The Urban Tracker (In Nueva Ecija): The Hot Bachelor of Sumacab Norte

MegaCenter mall, the connecting point to Sumacab 
rom MegaCenter Mall, the only way to reach barangay of Sumacab Norte or Sur was via tricycle after consulting locals. 

An alternative way they suggested was via a yellow jeep from the highway terminals but that would take time. In any provincial terminal, it's a practice to fill the vehicle up before it proceeds to accelerate.

 photo DSCN7519.jpg
The ride by a tricycle is a soar to the road with parallel green fields.
So I took the more expensive way of tricycle at 50 pesos special solo ride going to Sumacab kicking off from Sumacab Sur. Sumacab Sur is a barangay that sits below a highway overpass and a public cemetery serves as a marker indicating you have reached the area. From the early hustles and bustles of Poblacion, the barangay looked tamed with mixed economic classes amid a bordering rural setting and simple lifestyle of the people. Yet the streets were familiar sights with sporadic stores and clustered neighborhoods inside the alleys

 photo DSCN7494.jpg
The pickup point at Sumacab chapel
Going further was Sumacab Norte where I supposed to meet my friends in an appointed spot. They just texted me earlier to wait in a local chapel. They were in the area to meet a person who invited them for a snack and they just wanted my presence to be a part of the happening. My friends picked me up in the local Sumacab chapel and then proceeded from one residential house to another.

 photo DSCN7489.jpg
It's interesting to discover that penetrating the neighborhood in Sumacab reveals a huge farm.
From the main street, Sumacab Norte was looking more well-maintained and painted houses with a generally peaceful neighborhood. Going further inside the inner alleys revealed farmlands rolling out in the distance. People were warm and friendly on this side and even a small farm abode bore an address plate from the outside.

 photo DSCN7493.jpg
Corn delivery guys daily routine passing by coming from the harvest.
In one inner alleyway for instance with an unpaved surface, a small truck was coming out its way from the farms carrying some men sitting atop corn harvest that's off for delivery. The truck took a hard time tackling the muddy road with its wheel that almost got stuck.  But then it managed to get out into the main road with some maneuvering.

 photo DSCN7491.jpg
A Sumacab Sur house signage bears a seal and a number.
It’s time to get a respite into a residential home of a local named Raul. He welcomed us warmly into his open-air receiving garden veranda. The air was balmy coming from the rear direction of the house relaxing our reception before he made us sit at a garden table. There's a really cool native garden hammock in one corner I wished I was swinging up.

 photo DSCN7497.jpg
Our host for today Raul in a mid-afternoon siesta at his home.
The well-mannered guy is in his 40’s politely introduced us to his parents. He came back with a pitcher of juice and poured it into glasses on the table with packed cupcakes to match. But we're more absorbed on the newly picked guavas that are appetizing by looks like this guy who received us.

Raul is a long-time resident of Sumacab Norte and he is working in City hall with an officer level position. He confessed he's a bachelor by choice but he declared he's ready to get hitched anytime as the right timing could fall. He's solely taking care of his ill old mom. His dad happens to be a former chairman of the barangay who already passed away and the task of taking care of family farm business was left at his disposal.

 photo DSCN7498.jpg
Freshly picked guavas look appetizing, check for take home.
My friends were all absorbed as Raul recounted more of subsequent stories and queries followed. It's obvious that Raul was more than a good looking guy, he's just an irresistible guy that could qualify for a husband material. He could still break hearts but he refused to divulge his romantic past. As for my girl mates, sorry for them to meet Raul at this point. If they could only change their status to being single and free. He served us a freshly picked guava but for my girl mates, he's like a freshly picked guava they want to take home.

 photo DSCN7495.jpg
A garden hammock is a reminder of a sweet rural  lullaby
Charming moments were locking up more than words spoken. The coffee arrived. Was it supposed to be the bee swarming the flower? In between guffaws, squirms, and giggles, some kind of endearment was at work verging on infatuation, fascination or yet passion. Nevertheless, the adoring, fleeting instance boiled down to courtesy and formality. And in some provincial corners,  it’s organic and that’s the magic.