071112 -The Urban Tracker (In Pangasinan): The Customized T-Shirt In D. Aquino

The Evanjo Enterprises in D. Aquino Dagupan Downtown
he idea of wearing a uniformly labeled shirt that represents our common sentiment had been floating in our mind the past few days. 

If a basketball team or a dance group can make a strong statement of unity with wearing an identical attire, then why could we in just a shirt that would translate and speak our new found alliance and teamwork. As we were scouring the streets in downtown part of D. Aquino, we found the customizer.

Evanjo Enterprises carry Yalex brand with a variety of colors to choose from.
The Evanjo Enterprises - a quaint and inconspicuous shop located in the bus terminal territory on the corner of Arellano and A.B. Fernandez was the answer. The shop aside from being a dealer of colored and plain shirt sold wholesale also happened to specialize in customizing shirt. The shop is a Yalex shirt brand carrier as the signage pointed out. The girl attendant cheerfully greeted us as she made a welcome gesture revealing the collection of the available colors.

Portfolio of designs as displayed on headboard 
She first asked us to decide a color for the shirt. From their selection of tones, we agreed to select a color of fiery fuchsia pink coming up like a  clown is perfect for it glowed with happiness, strikingly dainty and cheerful. So the girl asked for each of our sizes before proceeding with the design.

On the front, we put the name of our company - IMS surrounded by tag - Simply D'Best and our project - Universal Count encapsulated inside a circle. The girl also collected each of our names to be embossed on both of the sleeves for a cool personalized add-on. As the girl produced the blueprint of our intended design, our eyes feasted on the mounted collection of specialized shirts the shop has produced. The designs which were mostly island souvenir shirts gave us more insight into other designs. Logos and intricately designed works fetched higher costs so we opted for a simple design that fit our budget. When the lady attendant returned to us for the final approval that's when we compromised a little bit on the cost -  but then she agreed to a little discount.

A chow-chow welcoming a remittance center customer
Which made us excited and looking forward to the outcome of the shirt that they promised to text or call us in a couple of days and for that, we decided to pay it full instead of an option of down payment. On our way out beside the shop, there was surprisingly a chow chow that greeted us like a true mascot coming out in front of this popular remittance center. The cute chow chow must be saying 'Welcome! Send or receive! " could be the heaven-sent cheerleader in this endeavor.

 photo DSCN7078.jpg
Victory Liner bursting in the afternoon heat and street bustle
Victory Liner was blazing on afternoon hustle as we traced our path in Perez Blvd. to the San Carlos terminal - that chow chow the cause of our laughing stock were all the way in our talks relishing on the finished product shirt - a shirt to speak our sentiment - our struggle for the last 20 days of our field work but we were just in our halfway in our 40 day saga.

 photo DSCN7101.jpg
Sometimes shirt speaks louder than words
And in just a few days, we were already sporting the finished product and the color really shouted out even from distance. But more than ever, it's a nice way to pay tribute to our own struggles for sometimes shirts speak louder than words. So it's  time to cheer together and say... LET'S TUCK IN!!!