072912 Urban Tracker (In Nueva Ecija): A Veggie Mobile Market In Caalibangbangan

Evergreen or a green, green grass of hope, it's a green day in the countryside of Nueva Ecija
lush countryside was pronounced as rice farms sprung from side to side from the view on my northbound ride to Nueva Ecija. 

With its rich rice harvest, it’s no wonder the province could claim its right as top rice producer in Northern Luzon. A songline came to mind, “The green green grass of hope” and it's a naked revelation aboard an elongated jeep.

 photo DSCN7488.jpg
Barangay Bangad's irrigation channel view from the bridge is nothing short of majestic.
Despite the speed, the view from the window was simply breathtaking passing a long bridge crossing the irrigation channel of NIA in Barangay Bangad. From below the bridge, there’s a vegetable plantation managed by riverbank dwellers but when you got to the other side, rice fields replaced the landscape, side by side, a medley of greens, loud and clear. The sensation got a little amplified as it turned laid back.

The school of Caalibangbangan, my starting point for my coverage.
The jeep brought me down to a highway Elementary school of Caalibangbangan,  such a tongue-twisting name for a school. The rains were surprisingly absent today so the prospects were looking good. A compound I entered led me to a small barrio - Sitio San Roque where I met some nice locals who warmly received me and had become a good acquaintance in past few days. They always complained of the frequent power outage but for most people, living here simply revolve if not in planting, but in farming.

Emerging from a small alley, I hit upon San Roque Chapel. Prayers said.
Eventually, I emerged out of a shortcut and found the San Roque Chapel in another adjacent highway. Coasting along the highway, I found the barangay hall after encountering a kilometer of rice fields from each side with dotted houses. Some stood out for its big backyard or well-painted condition. It's a walk to the endless and unknown path, something I always enjoyed doing alone never mind the isolation or risk involved. The barangay hall was closed this afternoon,  but some concerned folks I asked told me the boundaries to help me size up the area.

The neighborhood's scene stealer, the veggie mobile guy
Before a ride home, I noticed a small band of people ogling to something. Out of curiosity, I took a step closer to find out. It’s a man on a sidecar peddling vegetables in the neighborhood. The man was selling vegetables picked straight from the farm, the reason people here were in a rush to buy for its cheaper cost. 

The crowd-drawer is after all a seasoned peddler known as suki
I encountered tricycles peddling plastic wares on the streets, but not as I expected of a fast commodity that's vegetables this time. It brought me to a flashback of Baguio veggies, thinking how fresh and way below cheaper. If a mobile veggie store has a Facebook page, most residents here will surely have no second thought liking it.