072712 The Urban Tracker (In Baguio): Maze Runner From Inner Mabini To Session Road

Is it a hotel or an office, It's Frankalt
f navigating Baguio was something more surprising given its complex arrangement then I wouldn't mind spending a day. 

A random walk around the city could be some kind of a maze but that day was a  mess not again with the rains. 

That morning I woke up in the comfort of a soft bed and without an idea what name of the hotel I checked in. The raging rains of the previous night stalled me in the bus terminal while waiting for my expected guests.  When they found me, we immediately took a cab and pulled our stuff into this hotel. I had never seen the outside area to remember exactly the place. All  I remember was the marble flooring and we had coffee talks before sleep took better of me.

The egg and langonisa pair, kick off a brisk breakfast with coffee.
It's the Frankalt Hotel the hotel staff told me as they served us breakfast, From the window, Session Road in a distance hustled in the disappearing fog. I could sense the beat of progress with left and right constructions that’s been poking my attention for days like condos, flats. Or could it be a renewed interest of investment like those Korean schools or call centers? That’s when my friends told me to consume my coffee along with egg and langonisa meal.

Billiards come side by side with eateries, a familiar sharing set-up in underworld Baguio.
It's freakin' cold for days with non-stop rains. So we let the bleak subsided until the sunlight showed up by afternoon to check if we could get past outside. We embarked in Mabini busy section from the hotel and off the hop started. We directly shot our way to this eatery where we entered a building passing by a billiard hall. The eatery located in these unseen sections was our target for our afternoon repast with their quirky combo selections. Below the building, confusing signs showed up like a lotto outlet above Mabini Market shopping center. Only to find there's a wet and dry market in the basement.

Mabini Market Wet and Dry One Stop shopping center 
Most buildings around here are flooded with shops of assortments which made them confusing. Their arrangement was mostly uninformed and observably forming a sort of array. Even small spaces inside the building were occupied by either a cell phone accessory shop, a small office or ukay retail. Businesses scrambled for a spot on these innercity establishments for accessibility and the literal principle of crowdsourcing.

The High Street that is Session Road with its painted establishments.
The same scenario along Session Road, there were groceries, general merchandise shops, internet cafes occupying the basement or in the second floors. And they were placed in random order. Session Roadon one hand, proves to be the high street of Baguio when it comes to the assembly of big players from restaurants, bookstores, and banks. 

The Lady of Atonement Cathedral looks hazy in one shortcut switch from Porta Vaga Mall.
For instance, once I decided to go inside the Porta Vaga Mall, I found a great chance to switch into an alley that led me to the Lady of Atonement Cathedral. The alleyways comprised the maze even in Session road that forming a shortcut to another spot finding out. With my rounds, I confirmed these establishments form a labyrinth, a kind of symbiotic syndication for the businesses.

A supposed charming promenade spoiled by rains in Burnham Park.
After learning that the stretch of Session Road is governed by one barangay, thus its name Barangay Session Road. Burnham Park is part of perimeters of Burnham-Legarda, that seemed unwelcoming that afternoon with the rains. After all, it was cordoned off for an upcoming makeover. Of course, the city overpass still reigned as Baguio's signature passage where chances of finding  Igorot natives doing their rounds of alms still at large.

Zebra pedestrian walk in the Session Road bittersweet symphony style.
A walk along Session Road, be careful not to slip!

But my last day I thought to be my relax and carefree Baguio walkaround was spoiled by a phone call.  My boss called me to proceed immediately to Cabanatuan for my next leg of work. Sigh, so no choice but came back to hotel room and pulled out my stuff in a haste. My friends fetched me to the FX Terminal by 2 pm on my untimely transfer to Cabanatuan on the same day - a supposed relaxing, settling day to get more amazed with Baguio despite its maze set-up was packed up.