070812 - The Urban Tracker (In Pangasinan): Random Access From Downtown To CSI Lucao

The Pigar-Pigar, a popular signature Dagupan dish
or Pangasinan food tripper, Pigar-pigar is one dish they proudly banner as their native. 

Pigar pigar is a simply a dish of beef stir-fried with cauliflower and cabbage. One serving is perfect for group sharing or a drinking partner fit for Dagupan folks who love social eat-out. That was my fond memory of Pigar-pigar for my late dinner on my arrival that night. The next day struck the chord to hit Downtown and elsewhere in Dagupan.

The Bonuan fish pond in broad daylight
The highway view of Bonuan fish ponds exposed on our way to downtown as daylight descended on Dagupan. The thought of bangus that's lurking somewhere was teasing us to imagine grabbing a bite of that grilled delight which according to many is the tastiest of its kind. Bangus, in a nutshell, gave Dagupan a break in this industry and with that reputation, a week-long bangus festival is a must-do yearly activity here. But we're more bent on how the downtown looked like years after and how the changes appeared and fared to the present.

A Cherifer mascot in promo mode in Nepo Mall
Nepo Mall Dagupan was our first stop to fill our rumbling tummy as we came in for an early lunch. Inside the mini-mall, there's something impressing going on in one pharmacy that just had its opening. The Cherifer mascot who did the ceremonial ribbon-cutting was getting all the attention as it was trying to woo everyone to get a selfie with him as a promo catch. When it got a little crowded as the incident was mobbed by mall goers, that's the time we proceeded to our lunch and hit mainstream Dagupan via A.B. Fernandez.

Star Plaza Bldg., one of the noted commercial structure in downtown Dagupan
Perhaps one of the most significant structures in downtown Dagupan passing by the bridge over Pantal River is the Star Plaza Bldg, one of the town's enduring structure that withstood the test of time like the 1991 earthquake. And walking further into the stretch of A.B. Fernandez was in itself a conclusion that Dagupan is a commercially concentrated district ripe for business and trade activities.

Dagupan is the capital of Pangasinan where the seat of provincial capital dwells. Outside its perimeters of government offices, stalls and sidewalks vendors choke up the streets struggling to make it a day. Taking the flight of stairs on overpass through  CSI Dagupan and landing on sections, the vendors caught up our attention.

A soft drink peddler patiently waits for a thirst order.
A Pangasinan pinakbet combo comes in the package of eggplant, sigarilyas, okra, tomatoes. ampalaya & sweet potatoes.
Mounds of binuro - a local appetizing delicacy of fermented rice and fish
A bangus vendor naps in between moments of waiting for the next buyer.
We finally eluded the never-ending market trek to find our way to the terminal going to another CSI in Lucao. The jeep took the unusual route passing through the newly constructed Skyway infrastructure slicing thru the Pantal river system. CSI Lucao was rather a larger mall capping off our stroll. There's Robinson Calasiao or SM  Rosales but in Pangasinan, CSI still shines as the banner mall.

Teasing with free taste in CSI Lucao.
Like they say, the best things in life are free and it's all happening in CSI Lucao. grocery section where we had a free taste spree before a ride back home. And with just an idea came fulfillment, we had a Bonuan bangus for a dinner later that night.