071012 - The Urban Tracker (In Pangasinan): The Belters of Tondaligan

A preggy cat without a cradle awaits for the day's turn out with heavy rains outside.
hile savoring our thoughts in saving the night for a deserving siesta like this pregnant cat, everyone agreed to a call of fanfare called videoke.

We knew it's gonna bring out a dragon side from the depths of our sentiments or for another to address that range of emotions and unmask it in form of a mini-concert. 

Watching a tv show while waiting for our food to be prepared in our host's pantry.
So the hours had to be counted down in the pantry as our host cooked the food we're taking along. The grilled liempo and Bangus Dagupan composed our take-out menu for tonight, an unbeatable partner to a threat of energetic performance.  Truth or dare but never mind even the drizzle outside, all that matters was giving our vocal chords a chance to exercise and prove who has the most expressive tune of the night or of them all.

             Shirley beachside karaoke, 120 off-peak unlimited in Tondaligan     
After a 5-minute ride going to beachfront of Tondaligan, our host's daughter reserved this place with a small native bamboo inspired hut by the beachside named Shirley Resort.  We got the place for a cool 120 pesos good for the whole night - a real off-peak deal since they charge 500 for this hut on peak seasons. The best things in life are not free but getting a big discount this time.

My co-singers in the mini-concert that night striking a pose for tonight's thrill
So the momentum was building up rolling the dining table for our hearty dinner. The resort owner herself made sure the videoke accessories were properly working and attended to all our requests. While the rest were gone out to buy more needed stuff like ice, drinks, my dear friend was preparing the table for our dinner. The drizzle switched to rains outside starting to cool the place tonight and it's all on our own.

And the music reels on as well as our vocal range
We started the night rolling with a batch of cool sentimental songs queued in the player just a scratch after the dinner. Everyone was sipping the Tanduay Ice, and it's working its way up while trying to search for that right tune that speaks one's story. The songbook contains the compendium of hits throughout the years and all-time favorites, but everyone kept that pet song in mind that churns and vacuums out the emotions and fill the air with gentle persuasion. 

The Abba's, Melissa Manchester's, Kenny Rogers wannabe belted out their frustration. What's more when it's the turn of Earth Wind & Fire, Donna Summer, Madonna, videoke stints got a little ballistic but sensational. The noisy pitch only maximized,  burning down the house in the powerhouse of choruses.
Everybody shares the same sentiment and same notes for the chorus.
The feeling that everyone could not contain was expressed, belted out in those refrains so infectious that magically chained and put us in trance in coming moments. It's bursting and seemed trying to deliver us in a highlight that everyone wanted to have a slice or a share. There's a theme about lovers torn, a love unreciprocated or regretted a sense of giving up, a heartbreak - I guess videokes revolve around a theme of love - the catch why this past time appeals to Filipino's merriment full of flashback, hindsight, and recollections.

The creepy cat giving me chills and beach light on the darkened shores.
Darkness hovered outside when I attempted to trail my way to beachfront. Though it drizzled, the moon was full up above and It's hard to capture the beach without beach lights. I can only capture the resort from this distance.I remember the pregnant cat earlier but this cat I found on a nearby bench lightened its eyes in the dark. That's such a creep so I came crashing back to the videoke party and checked if it's my turn to sing.