070912 - The Urban Tracker (In Pangasinan): Eerie Calmness In Nelintap Premises

San Carlos Plaza has the accessibility of the church, market, and the main town thoroughfare.

ore than that rural impression, there's an apparent historic appeal reaching the town of San Carlos. 

With its old church of San Carlosold Spanish houses spoke volumes of this town's antiquity. After barely an hour of travel from Dagupan, despite the heat bursting, there's some kind of distinct touch with a hush this charming town could offer.

Going to the municipal office reveals an old Spanish-inspired structure
This old structure belongs to now a municipal hall where we initially secured a map from city engineer department to oversee the whole San Carlos. A few remaining Spanish houses still remained standing here, remnants of forgotten generations of its rich and old historical heritage.

CSI San Carlos, one of sprouting malls that offer a cool break especially for students.
Besides Unitop and Magic, the most visible and accessible mall in town is CSI San Carlos where these students were seen taking a cooling break from the outside heat surge. We found ourselves doing what these students do to let our body heat fizzle out. Buying some take out snacks was a good idea before a breakaway and proceeded to our specific field assignment.

A paper mache bag and a mango vinegar are some local finds that are sold publicly in town.
Before taking a ride from the terminal, I noticed this stall selling a locally made and designed paper mache bag. The stall also sold queer mango vinegar and even offered a sip for a taste. We decided to take a tricycle for a special ride going to Inerangan with less apprehension on things to come.

Inerangan has a scenic marshland as it appeared in sight.
It took a comfortable 10 minutes going to the part of Inerangan which was found innermost part of San Carlos outskirt. When the view of this swamp via bridge appeared in our sight, we knew we were entering a marshy part of the town. We got down to the school and breathed the cool air of the small sleepy Inerangan proper.

Locals of Inerangan display achievements of their loved ones in front of most houses.
Inerangan is a typical sleepy town with friendly people. Asking locals even in small stores you could immediately tell the warm accommodation in a response. In many of houses here, Inerangan settlers proudly displayed the achievement of their loved ones by putting up a signage like this outside their homes - a declaration of pride and a shared sense of achievement.

Following the man peddling handicrafts led me to Nelintap
Following this man riding a bicycle peddling handicraft chairs led me to another barangay of Nelintap. The air was getting cooler on this side with a neighborhood that's unusually quiet despite the cluster of houses.

A swamp in Nelintap made me wonder about those storks loitering around.
Digging deeper thru the barangay, I could not dismiss this chilly and creepy feeling when I took my break and stood on the bank of this swamp. It's too picturesquely countryside but the growing feeling was sickening and awful like somebody was watching and would come show up in surprise or maybe just my imagination due to the unfamiliarity of the place with the sense as if you're in the lost world. There were thoughts running my mind making me freak out as I saw the storks from distance just freely making rounds.

A charming view of a haystack and farm animal in one farmyard
The countryside slackened with the sight of this haystack in a neighboring farm. Things were replaced with endless awe and admiration with the sights transporting me to another dimension amid vigorous walk, relentless in marveling among the greens and sights.

Clean and in rural character neighbor in the stretch of the walk.
Thanks for the paved streets and a good weather, the provincial feel of Pangasinan was sheer filling up the air. Only handful of tricycles could pass by this side and quietness was such a long lapse.

A tree riddled with ferns was such a creepy sight.
Before getting my ride back to the terminal, there's something so mystique with this old acacia riddled with ferns just above me. It's giving a cool shade to the uncertain hours of a wait yet Nelintap may just be another of the place simple yet strange. In that path I took, now I figured that some unimaginable countrysides could be actually eerie and disturbingly calm.