072612 The Urban Tracker (In La Trinidad) : Elevate My Mind In Beckel Highlands

Steamed broccoli in oyster sauce, a highlander dish trip.

he steamed broccoli over oyster saucea crave item makes a perfect morning breakfast before the rest of the day's inesca[able thrill.

A good start for the day via Kennon Road, a daily roller coaster routine passing Baguio's industrial frontier. From Inner Mabini, a tipster guided me somewhere at the back of Baguio Central Mall, where a busy jeep terminal routing to Beckel-Ambiong was stationed.

 photo DSCN7300.jpg
Curvy and treacherous Kennon Road on my way to Baguio Central Mall
BeckelI assumed was still much a part of La Trinidad as the map pointed out among the mountainous domain. The jeep route passed Gibraltar traversing the Ambuklao dam en route to Nueva Vizcaya then the roads got elevated and realized it's the edge of the mountain with all the fogs colliding on your face putting off my Ambiong leg due to the constraint of time and impounding rains.

 photo DSCN7401.jpg
Highland communities span over the mountainous Beckel District.
From the high mountain road, the jeep suddenly sloped up turning left and it swung by the edge. The driver told me to walk down the road where the barangay hall of Beckel was situated. Blowing a smoky air, I could see the neighborhood just below along the terrain passing by pausing along the way. A school structure stood tall among the houses. It's interesting to realize it's all happening in this highland despite elevation until something caught my sight in the valley below  

 photo DSCN7400.jpg
Presence of backyard graveyard suggests Igorots still hang on their old beliefs.
It's a twin structure parallel to each other. Cemented and painted. Then it sank to me - it was a grave. Building a backyard grave where a dead family is buried, a practice inherent to Igorots. Igorots are the originals of the mountain region of Benguet. They could have been around even before we were colonized 500 years ago. It made sense that Beckel denizens still kept this burial tradition. As long as the mountains prevailed, this authentic Igorot hardcore practice would remain. With my final screech at the edge of the cliff revealed the church front of St. Padre Pio Parish.

 photo DSCN7403-1.jpg
The Padre Pio Church, one of the community's visible landmark
Gazing further with this visible landmark was interrupted by the rains. With just the limits of time, unfriendly and muddy road forced me to back off and retraced my path back to the terminal. Along the highway, with a couple of stalls that stood by, I waited for my ride back to Baguio proper. A high pressure on the atmosphere was sickening. And finally, I clinched a jeepney ride back to Baguio proper after 30 minutes.

 photo DSCN7402-1.jpg
A sitting lady statue, an intriguing landmark sight in Beckel.
On my mind was the statue that I caught a shot earlier mounted atop of rooftop was something intriguing. It's an image of a lady - sitting and gazing the horizons. A sitting image full of hope? Hope I guess for the people on this side still in the mode of embracing their old ways despite a ride to the tide of globalization.