061812 The Urban Tracker (In Bulacan) : Squash Fritters in Sta. Barbara

Inside Sta Barbara Elementary School, a garden as a school project.
e almost lost our track in the arteries of Sta. Barbara, Baliuag when we took a shortcut in an alley leading to the premises of Sta. Barbara Elementary School. 

An impressive garden appeared in the view on our way out. I learned it was a pet planting project of the students of Sta. Barbara Elementary School. Advocacy came alive here in corners of Sta. Barbara but wait, there's more!

Passing by a chapel in Sta Barbara along Calle Rizal.
Sta. Barbara is a semi-urban part of Baliuag before approaching San Jose going to Poblacion. The barangays of Makinabang, Tiaong, Concepcion, Virgen de la Flores are its adjusting neighbors which were on our target lists for that day.

Tilapias lay underneath the cement boxes ready for buyers' request
From Makinabang, we did a coverage from the school along Calle Rizal. A makeshift cement boxes with running water revealed a hiding live tilapia which were sold in the neighborhood. The tilapias settled at the bottom just waiting to be caught as requested by the buyer.

            One serve of Sinampalukang Manok in one Sta. Barbara food hub.
In moments that came, the Sta. Barbara chapel was already in sight. On our mind was an excuse to take a meal break. We spotted a local eatery along with a street dining format. They served us this unforgettable  Sinampalukang manok oozing with Sampaloc leaves for a nice sinigang experience and it delivered that unique savor...

The squash fritters of Sta. Barbara, an unusual street food find.
A double time segue to a small area in the interior of Sta. Barbara awaiting us in Tiaong and put us back to the highway. The scorching hot afternoon made it all too uneasy for us but as always surprises never failed to keep us charged. The street food scene here was fantastic as we chanced upon this most unique street food discovery so far - the squash fritters (Slice of squash tangled in flour and fried)  I grabbed a plastic cup and tumbled 4 pieces inside it and spill it with vinegar. Thumbs up for this superb taste and healthy alternative. Seemed like Sta. Barbara was luring me to stay but assignments moved us into Virgen de las Flores, and part of Concepcion before our final blast in Poblacion.